Ultrax Labs Hair Plush Review

Why Use Ultrax Labs Hair Plush?

Hair loss is one of the biggest anxieties for men and women regarding personal grooming and beauty. Thick, healthy hair is considered to be one of the most important beauty standards and is given high regard in most cultures across the world.

Long, healthy and thick hair is often attributed to a woman’s grace and attraction. Many men are embarrassed by baldness, even if the cause is genetic (hint: it usually is).

hairFor this reason, most men and women routinely spend an arm and a leg on all sorts of hair treatments to repair damaged hair and regain growth.

Unfortunately, most of those products in the market result in little or no tangible results. They play on our desperation to restore full heads of healthy hair.

Hair Plush Lush Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Thickening Treatment Formula Serum by Ultrax Labs is a new hair loss treatment for men and women that is attracting raving reviews.  It was formerly known as Ultrax Labs Hair Lush.

Ultrax labs claims to have an active leave-in caffeine that instantly helps in regeneration of roots in dormant follicles, and triggers hair growth by adding greater strength and volume to your hair.

Packaging and Appearance

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush comes in a thin long metal container that has a pump to dispense the serum.

The serum itself has a rich creamy texture and is easy to apply on the hair.

Why Use Ultrax Labs Plush?

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush Serum has caffeine as its main ingredient. Caffeine acts as a necessary nutrient for the follicles.

Caffeine is said to be the catalyst agent in the regeneration of hair and adding thickness and volume to hair nearly instantaneously.

While the effects of the product greatly depends on the hair type, extent of hair loss, climate, usage frequency and a lot of similar factors, there have been cases where visible improvements from Ultrax Plush could be seen in as little as 5 days.

coffee hair loss caffeine shampooUltrax Plush: Ingredients

Ultrax Plush assists in controlling hair fallout and baldness and helps adding thickness and volume to the hair because of several key ingredients.

1) Caffeine

Caffeine acts as catalyzing agent that instantaneously thickens hair strengths and speeds up growth of new hair.

Most men and women suffer from premature hair loss due to misbalancing of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The caffeine present in Ultrax Labs Hair Plush helps control and balance this hormone.

2) Biotin

Another key ingredient present in the product is Biotin. Hailing from the vitamin B family, also sometimes referred to as Vitamin H, Biotin is one of the most crucial nutrients that your hair needs, every day.

Biotin helps strengthen your roots and helping your hair grow longer and stronger.

Due to the presence of biotin, Ultrax Plush assists in breaking down necessary micronutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals and fats and regenerates new hair cells.

A large number of people end up with hair loss issues due to deficiency of biotin in their body. Ultrax Labs Hair Plush helps in addressing that issue and makes up for the hair loss due to Biotin deficiency.

One of the key signs of hair fall due to biotin deficiency is dry scalp. The presence of Biotin in Ultrax Plush helps in eliminating the dryness on your scalps and helps in repairing the damaged hair thereby making them more shiny, thick and bouncy.

ultrax plush keratin hair loss3) Keratin

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush also features Keratin. Keratin is an important type of protein that is naturally present in your hair.

Keratin provides your hair with a structure and defines its texture. If your hair is dry, damaged and frizzy, keratin repairs your hair strands and makes your hair silky smooth and shinier.

Keratin is a new buzzword these days and most top notch salons and hair styling gurus around the world are all praises about keratin treatments that undoubtedly cost a fortune.

Ultrax Plush is infused with Keratin addresses the keratin deficiency in your scalp and helps eliminating hair thinning.

Even though Keratin is present naturally in our hair, it diminishes over time, as we age. As a result our hair becomes damaged and brittle with a drier scalp and loses  structure and volume.

Regular use of Ultrax Plush Serum keeps Keratin from diminishing by making up for the lost nutrients and helps retaining the strength, volume and life of your hair.

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush: Great for Women

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush immensely helps in fighting biotin and keratin deficiencies after menopause. Many women struggle with hair thinning and shedding after menopause.

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush is an amazing solution for such women as it makes up for those nutrients and regenerates hair follicles.

More than 90% of women struggle with post partum hair loss after having a baby.

This is even more common in breast feeding moms, due to increased deficiency of biotin, keratin and other important nutrients necessary for hair growth.

Ultrax Labs Hair Plus is an ideal product and a must-buy for all women: we can say goodbye to hair thinning struggles!

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush: Styling Product and Hair Loss Treatment In One Bottle

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush also acts as a great styling product. It can easily be used in both wet and dry hair.

Using a squirt or two of the product after hair wash in damp hair before blow dry helps styling smooth and adds structure and life to your hair.

Unlike many other serums and hair products available in the market, this product easily penetrates deep into the scalp and speeds up new hair growth.

The formulation of Utrax Plush is very light weight, and does not leave any build up or residue on the scalp. The caffeine in the product rejuvenates hair strands and helps in eliminating the problem of split ends.

It gives beautiful volume and bounce to the hair while leaving your hair smooth and shiny, which means you do not need to use any extra conditioner or hair care products.

While the bottle is seemingly small for the price, only a squirt or two is enough for all your hair. While you might not be able to see your results instantly, over 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon.com show that regular use over a period of time shows a visible difference.

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush: Side Effects

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush contains SD alcohol and may not suit certain scalps that are sensitive to SD alcohol. This is the biggest downside of Ultrax Labs Hair Plush.

NOTEWORTHY: while the immensely popular Ultrax Labs shampoo and conditioners do not contain any SD alcohol, the serum does contain the ingredient, which might counteract some of moisturizing benefits of biotin and keratin and contribute to dryness and brittleness of the hair.

Some consumers with skin sensitive to alcohol content have also complained for stiffness of hair after use of the product.

Therefore, if you know you your skin has a sensitivity to alcohol, it’s possible you may feel irritation, and it may not be the choice for you. Anyone with rare underlying medical conditions are advised to see a dermatologist before trying any new hair loss treatment.

Secondly, the size and quantity of Ultrax Plush a bit pricey for the price tag of around $60. There are many other products in the market in less than half the price that promise give similar results.

Overall: Ultrax Labs Hair Plush Is Worth the Money

Available at $60 for 50 ml, Ultrax Labs Hair Plush Lush Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Thickening Treatment Formula Serum can sound a bit pricey, but for most of us suffering from hair loss, we are used to spending such sums on solutions.

The results from Ultrax are far better and quicker than most competing products. For many people, Ultrax Plush has saved them many trips and hair treatment expenditures at the salon.

It’s true that Ultrax Plus shows more visible and quicker differences in hair growth if used regularly and consistently.

For ideal results, it is advisable to use alongside with Ultrax Labs Hair Surge shampoo (read my review here) and Ultrax Labs Conditioner.

Any experiences using Ultrax Plush? As always, I welcome your comments, questions, and ideas below. Thanks for reading!



29 thoughts on “Ultrax Labs Hair Plush Review”

  1. Great article with alot of good information about hair loss and Ultrax Plush. I am currently going through hair loss and the ingredients of Ultrax Plush are the best ingredients to prevent hair loss and I will definitley going to use it and share it with others.

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing this great info. My boyfriend suffers from hair loss so I will definitely be looking into this product as he has tried many different things out there with none of them having any effect! Cheers, Ann

  3. Hi and thanks for another great review on hair loss products and this Hair plush Serum looks fantastic as it contains all the nutrients hair needs to thrive. I really wish I had the cash to try them all as I really have a problem with thinning hair. Well actually my hair is fine but there is lots of it, do you recommend anything specifically to help thicken fine hair? Or are all your products specifically for hair loss? Thanks

    • Hi Stefanie – thanks for the great question. You should absolutely be supplementing with something that will help thicken and strengthen your hair. Many people find, in addition to new growth, that improvement of existing hair results from taking Nutrafol. That’s my #1 recommendation.

  4. Really great information Penelope. I have hair that is definitely not as thick as it used to be. I have tried a few different products, but I did not see any results. This looks to be worth a try! I did not know that caffeine can speed up hair growth. Can you tell me how long one of these Ultrax Labs Hair Plush will last? Do you use with every shampoo, or no.

    • Thanks for the great question! You use it after shampooing, and you can use it every day for best results. Users say it lasts 4-6 weeks with regular use. Definitely worth a shot!

  5. That little bottle sure does pack a punch! I like that it offers so many things in one product-strengthening the root w/ Biotin, giving the hair structure w/ Keratin, and thickening it w/ caffeine. You did mention some other treatments that were a little less expensive (on a bit of a budget)-which ones would you recommend that could maybe offer some of these same benefits?

  6. I really admire this product. It seems healthy, productive, and efficient for hair loss. Ultrax hair labs never seem to disappoint me with their products. I even read the reviews on amazon by clicking your link and I learned more there. So helpful! Thanks for this Penelope!

  7. Great article! in regards to the side effects, how would you know if your scalp in sensitive to that particular ingredient?

    I have plenty of hair so perhaps this could be my go to later in the future:), the shampoo and conditioner which you mentioned sound appealing too and i’d be good to try both!

    Thank you Penelope!

    • Good question! A lot of people with sensitivity to alcohol already know from exposure to other products and just shop around it. SD alcohol in hair or skin care products is has a purpose that’s surprisingly beneficial: it compresses the volume of the solution, making it easier for the key ingredients in the product to reach your skin.

  8. Thanks for sharing this product Penelope. I’ve been looking for something to try with my receding hairline. I hope this does the trick.
    Do you know if this a heavy on hair formula? I mean the way it spreads on the hair?

    • This product is fairly lightweight, meaning it won’t weigh down your hair too much or provide unwanted stiffening. You should absolutely start treating your receding hairline now, even if to just press the pause button on where it is at this moment.

  9. Looks like an interesting product.
    Since Ultra Labs has Keratin in it are the benefits that you mentioned applicable to all types of hair including African American? I know a few people with African American Hair who used products that has keratin it and it didn’t go so well with them.

    • Keratin tends to have a straightening effect on hair, so it might not jive so well with natural african american hair…so that’s an excellent point. I’ll have to comb through the reviews and see if anyone commented on that specific quality for Ultrax Plush. great eye for detail, thanks for the question!

    • I just took another look through the Amazon.com reviews for Ultrax Plush and saw multiple reviewers with textured African American hair comment about how it worked well for them, and wasn’t too heavy. So this is good information – maybe having keratin as one ingredient is a different thing entirely than going to the salon to get those specific “keratin treatments” which tend to be straightening.

  10. Hi, your review on ultra labs hair products seem counteractive to its reviews on other hairloss forums online , stating its a scam product and low gains. The reviews have been around since 2015..so am confused too. I,m researchingabout this one but now getting second ideas ..

    • Hi Ps. The thing about hair loss products is that the causes are so individuated, and our body chemistries are so individuated with what we can tolerate, what we’re allergic to, what we respond to – not everything is going to work for every one. I happen to really like the Ultrax products and I don’t view them as a scam. Keep in mind that what you read online might not always be coming from a place of genuine experience or research, since there’s a ton of competition among hair loss products, and people are always out to discredit one another. When I dislike something, I tell ya’ll – just read my review of Tricomin for evidence of that!

  11. I really like the fact that this Ultrax Labs Hair Plush product not only restores the hair loss people experience (the caffeine ingredient), but it also restores the quality of the hair (the keratin ingredient). It is basically a two-in-one product as you say. I would like to ask whether it is safe to use with other hair products. Have there been any cases entailing some sort of health issues as a result of using the Ultrax Lab Hair Plush with any other hair loss product, or any general hair products? Thank you in advance, Penelope.

    • Hi Tomas, thanks for the great question, and the answer is no, I know of no adverse reaction between Ultrax Plush and other products. Of course, we’re all unique little snowflakes biochemically, so that doesn’t mean this is true for every single person. I’d say for those wary of a reaction, to just start using very little and watch for any allergy type symptoms.

    • Thanks for the great question…the answer is no, I haven’t, because I’m really happy with my results with Nutrafol. You can read my review of that and see progress pictures here, thanks for reading!

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