Female Hair Loss 101

Female hair loss

Although hair loss is often considered primarily a concern for men, hair loss in women is more common than many of us believe. In fact, women make up 40% of hair loss sufferers in the United States. In most cultures, long, flowing hair is traditionally been associated with femininity. Because of this, losing hair can … Read more

Hair Growth Protocol

Viviscal hair loss supplements next to a hair brush

Okay, here’s the plan… Now is the PERFECT time to recap my own personal hair growth methodology. Yes, I have a plan, yes, I follow it, and yes, I’ve experienced success recovering from my own hair loss. A great number of readers have expressed interest in my success and themselves are following same steps. I’ll … Read more

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

A stressed woman sitting at a desk and holding her head

Stress is an inevitable part of everyone’s lives. Women in particular have unique, steady stressors – juggling careers, education, children, partners, and of course, detailed beauty regimens! Unfortunately, stress can have tremendous impacts on our physiology—not just our emotions. Stress is the generic term for the biological event of cortisol – a hormone produced when … Read more

Hair Follicle Stimulator by TherapyG: Review

A woman applying a spray tonic to her hair

Follicle Stimulator by TherapyG is a product specifically designed to revitalize the health of individual follicles. It contains a special patented ingredient they call the “Tryptobond Guard”, which increases hair’s mechanical strength, increases combability (less tangling and less breakage), and protects against color changes. Who is Therapy-G? TherapyG is a specialized hair loss product developer that … Read more

Lipogaine for Women: Review

A pipette with Lipogaine

Lipogaine is a minoxidil-based topical hair loss treatment. As the only FDA-approved treatment for hair loss in women, Minoxodil more recognizably is sold under the name of Rogaine. Lipogaine claims to be a huge improvement on this popular hair loss treatment. Compared to Rogaine, the Lipogaine solution that contains wider variety of ingredients that help … Read more