Theradome Reviews: Can The Laser Helmet Ignite Hair Growth?

Facing hair loss issues which are affecting your confidence? Looking for a cure?

So, you've heard about Theradome and what it could do.

Are what you heard true?

In this post, we've done a review on the laser hair helmet. Does it work? Let's find out more.

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theradome reviews


  • Multiple studies done that shows hair growth
  • Positive results in just a few weeks


What is Theradome?

When someone mentions Theradome, what he/she means is the device, Theradome LH80 PRO.

Theradome is a laser helmet that uses Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for the intention of regrowing hair. Cleared by the FDA, you can be assured that what you're using on top of your head is safe. As it's available over-the-counter, you don't need a prescription to buy one.

You can find information on Theradome in many top news agencies like DailyMail and FoxNews.

It is one of the many hair loss products out there and is also considered one of the best LLLT devices available.

About the Company

The founder of this company is Tamim Hamid, a former NASA scientist. The company prides itself as an expert in medical therapy and is located in Silicon Valley, California.

Its mission is to help people around the world gain health and confidence through regrowing lost hair. They do this by developing Laser Phototherapy (LPT) devices that you can use at home.

What It Claims To Do

As of now, Theradome can only be marketed to females due to FDA being cleared only for women. However, as pointed out in the company's website, men may also purchase and use the product.

As we speak, clinical studies are being done on men to comply with the FDA.

There are many claims of what this laser cap can do for your hair.

Here are some benefits that you can see in a timeline:

  • 4-18 weeks: Minimize hair loss
  • 18-26 weeks: Reduce miniaturization to get thicker and fuller hair
  • 26-52 weeks: Renew hair growth​

Before And After Pictures

theradome results
theradome before and after
theradome before and after pictures

How Does It Work?

It is important to note that the device does not use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) but coherent, red laser lights. The difference is that these laser lights can penetrate the scalp at depths of 3-5mm to reach the base of the hair follicles.

Different wavelengths of light will have a different effect on the hair follicles. These hair follicles can only absorb light with a wavelength of around 678 nanometers (nm). In knowing this, Theradome employs the use of 80 lasers with the wavelength of 678nm to optimize hair growth results.

Like taking medication, these lasers have to provide the correct dosage which is done by having treatment sessions of 1200 seconds or 20 minutes. Failure to do so results in hair follicles not being stimulated enough.

Does Theradome Work?

In determining the effectiveness of Theradome, there are two areas are of importance - customer feedbacks and studies conducted.

Studies Done

The company claims to have conducted two clinical trials. It was proven to regrow hair in 98% of customers. Besides, there is an increase of 200% in hair thickness, volume, and density.

In our opinion, this is very impressive.

However, a quick search on the web does not lead to any detailed results of these clinical studies. The number of participants, the length of study and outcomes are critical in determining the effectiveness of this 'wonder' helmet.

So, just bear that in mind.

Currently, there's an ongoing 26-weeks research on 80 male applicants which is expected to complete in August 2016. It is worthwhile to see how Theradome affects men although results shouldn't deviate much from the ladies.​

Customer Reviews​

Users' reviews on the device vary. It ranges from no whatsoever results to seeing hair growth in a few months. As the causes of hair loss differ from individuals, this is not uncommon.

As the saying goes, "One man's poison is another man's meat."

But of course, it's important to see that it works for the majority of users. If not, why use it?

Here's one female user who describes her before and after use with Theradome:

How Often Do I Need To Use Theradome?

The company recommends a usage 20 minutes sessions twice a week.

You ask whether you can use it more often?

Well, the company's reply is that you could. In fact, some users used it every day without any side effects. With that being said, Theradome still insists a 12-24 hours rest in between treatments. 

There are optimal timings to use the device. It's recommended to use it with towel-dried hair right after a shower.

Final Verdict

We hope that this review helps in your decision making.

As much as we do hope this device can cure all pesky issues of hair loss, it does not do so entirely.

Theradome does come with a hefty price. Much of it stem from the technology it employs. Hopefully, the costs of such technology come down over time so it can serve the masses.

On the other hand, there are research and positive results from users that can be a reason for you to try Theradome out.

If you have extra dough, it won't hurt to give it a try and see whether it works for you.

It could even be your saving grace.

Who knows?

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