Can Thyroid Problems Cause Hair Loss, and Does Levothyroxine Cause Hair Loss?

A female performing a self examination of her thyroid

Why Is the Thyroid Important The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in our throats. It may be small, but it affects everything. Thyroid disorders can range from non-life-threatening conditions, such as a goiter, to extremely life-threatening, like thyroid cancer. The thyroid is very sensitive. Any subtle or major differences can have extreme effects on … Read more

Does Nutrafol Work? — 2018 Update From A Real User + Pictures

A spoonful of Nutrafol hair loss supplements

Nutrafol is a supplement marketed to women (and men) suffering from hair loss. They claims that their unique formula is one of the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced hair loss supplements available. This supplement targets two specific causes of hair loss: inflammation elevated stress hormones. By targeting these causes, in addition to the usual nutritional … Read more