The 9 Signs Of Balding You Must Know Before You Lose All Your Hair

Do you want to know whether you’re balding?

Balding is unwanted for both men and women.

Whether you’re 18, 20 or 22 years old, the symptoms and signs of balding can be relatively easy to tell when you know what to look for.

When you start spotting the early signs of balding, you should be wary and start to take action.

If not, the problem may be irreversible.

In this article, we list down 9 signs on how to tell you’re balding. If you’re looking for some solutions, check out the best laser devices for hair growth.


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​1. Comments from Friends and Family Members

Sometimes we just don’t notice the progressive changes happening to our body because we may not pay attention to it that often. We don’t look into the mirror for extended periods of time.

Friends and families are different. They notice these changes easily because they’re the ones who look at us much more often.

This could also happen when you meet with an old friend whom you haven’t seen in awhile, and that unwanted comment comes out.

When you have more people giving feedback that your forehead is high, thinning crown, or you resemble some actor/actress who has thinning hair, then it’s time to take a step back and evaluate.

2. Your Parents Have Thinning Hair or Are Bald

Male or Female Pattern Baldness, also known as Androgenic Alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss and it is due to genetics.

Chances of hair loss are higher when your parents, grandparents, and relatives suffer from balding.

When you have the chance, take a good look at them. Notice whether their hair looks thin? Are they balding?

If they are, you may have to face losing hair in the near or far future. Time will tell. Just don’t blame them, blame the genes.

3. Seeing Black in the Shower

If you’re losing up to 100 hairs per day, it’s perfectly normal. More than that could be a cause for alarm.

If you notice black lumps of hair clogging up the shower drain constantly even though you’ve cleared it multiple times, it’s time you take a closer inspection.

Also, this does not necessarily happen in the shower. You could notice this event on your pillow, floor or on your clothing too.

4. The ‘M’ Sign on Males

This could be the most tell-tale of all. It is related to androgenic alopecia we mentioned earlier – Male Patterned Baldness (MPB).

Warnings of this are early signs of receding hairline and a higher forehead.

If you do nothing about it, your hair will start to recede further and end up with the M shape.

Another MPB indication is the thinning at the crown area. When you notice either of the two signs, you might have passed the earlier stages of balding.

​5. Thinning Hair All Round in Females

Unlike the males with M shapes and thinning crowns, females suffering from Androgenic Alopecia, the female version of patterned baldness, usually have thinning of hair all around the scalp.

The good news is that women rarely experience full balding.

Just because females experience this more, it doesn’t mean that males don’t encounter it.

6. Visible Scalp

Did anyone commented on how thick your hair was last time?

Now, you can’t even remember when was the last time someone said that to you. The hair you have now lacks the volume. When you touch your head, it feels like you’re directly touching your scalp. Upon closer look, you can see parts of your scalp.

Thinning hair is one of the signs that you’re starting to go bald.

7. Your Hair Drops Easily

Remember when you were young with strong hair? The days when you or others pull it, and no matter the strength, it’s tough enough to withstand the force?

Now, that feeling is lost.

When you tug your hair gently, it just comes off easily.

8. Drastic Differences from Old Pictures

You happened to look at pictures on your Facebook.

You noticed how much your hair has changed. And when you take a closer look, you start to think whether you’re balding.

Once this happens and you can see a big difference, we may have some bad news for you.​

9. Harder to Style Your Hair

So lately, it seems harder for you to get your hair into the right shape and style that you want, no matter whether it’s short or long.

It is unlike before.

Even if you did manage to style it right, it’s harder to maintain it throughout the day.

The cause for this could simply be losing a substantial amount of hair that leads to thinning at certain areas. So, you try to hide and cover these areas with the existing hair you have left.​

What’s Next?

So there you have it. The signs of balding.

Now, if you feel that you’re in the group of unfortunates, the question on your mind is: “how to stop balding?”

The first step is to determine what was the cause of the hair loss. Finding the cause can narrow down solutions that best suit you. You can do this by first approaching your doctor. You could also find some information on this site.

There are many alternatives available for you to regrow your hair back. The best resource for these treatments is here.

We would like to remind you that the earlier you see these signs of balding and act on it, the higher your probabilities of slowing or stopping hair loss.

Time is critical.

Is there anybody you know that may facing these issues? Are you experiencing these signs? Is there anything else you notice when you’re starting to bald? Help your friends and families by sharing this article.​

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