Is The RU58841 Hair Loss Treatment Worth Trying?

Male hair loss is a concern for many, as it can occur while young, some 25% of men under the age of 21 will have seen signs, or when you are older.

These cases of hair loss can be linked to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

To the many who experience hair loss, this is fairly common knowledge, and there is an active industry in pharmacology to treat and prevent this. Finasteride is one common agent used to treat and prevent hair loss.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about a product known as RU58841, and whether it is a viable treatment for hair loss.

In this article, we'll access this particular treatment and at the end, you can decide whether it's suitable for you.

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What is RU58841?

RU58841was initially synthesized in France in the 1990’s and is an anti-androgen intended for topical administration.

RU58841 is applied topically to the scalp, rather than the oral methods most other hair loss products prescribe, and in theory, is meant not to inhibit DHT in general, but to inhibit DHT reaching your hair follicles.

Some sites tote it as 'the cure' or very close to it, for men’s hair loss, although with a gaping lack of credible research, we remain skeptical.

Does RU58841 Work?

This seems to be the real question everyone related to the scene is having- do we recommend it, and should you try it?

We believe the answer is a complicated one.

  • By a simple google search, it is easy to find testimonials and videos, some even from prominent members of the hair loss prevention community. Also, when glancing through, neutral and negative reviews can also be found.
  • The product does seem to have a few favorable studies, although there are some detractors as well.
  • ​Most users reporting positive results using RU58841 in concert with another hair loss prevention product, suggesting it works better as a combination, making it difficult to ascertain which product deserves the credit for the results.
  • It is again worth noting that RU58841 does not directly affect DHT, only the hair follicles, while there are many results listed for short-term effects, there are fewer results to be seen for whether RU58841 can prevent hair loss over the long term unless it is continually applied.

Side Effects

We believe that the main thing to consider is still that RU58841 is not approved by the FDA which brings about two main reasons to worry about.

The more obvious one is that any product or chemical that has been available for this length of time and has failed to be approved by the FDA may have some serious concerns or unknown side effects.

Stories abound from the troubles to be had when using unlicensed chemicals for personal use.

In addition to this, purchasing a product that isn’t FDA approved, means you won’t be able to pop by the pharmacy and pick it up, which isn’t just a simple convenience issue.

Purchasing RU58841 right now has to be done through online websites, and currently, it is only supposed to be sold for research purposes. Your options today, would be to attempt to illegally purchase it under the guise of research, or look for less reputable vendors willing to sell it.

Purchasing via these methods incurs significant risk as well, especially outside FDA approved vendors. You risk the veracity of the actual product being sent to you, be lied to, or you could receive product from an amateur vendor who may not incorporate best-practice procedures.

One chemist points to the half-life or the time it takes for RU58841 to break down as a legitimate concern.

Why is that a problem, though?

Short half-life times make it incredibly hard to maintain the purity of the product, from production to customer. Your product may have degraded several times over. What initially was 10 grams of RU58841 when it was produced, may now result in less than 1 gram by the time the customer can use it.

This then translates into more problems, as the short half-life and degradation can complicate production and distribution, it will also increase the cost, as being able to get your hands on a pure product won’t be easy even if it was endorsed by the FDA and available at local pharmacies.


Two main points stick out about RU58841:

  1. It does have an effect for some users with their hair loss.
  2. But, because of its lack of approval by the FDA and insufficient research, it is a wildcard, and could potentially be harmful for some users.

Though many of you find yourselves desperate to prevent hair loss, we find ourselves hard-pressed to recommend anyone to seek out and try RU58841.

There are a wealth of available products on the market now that have been proven to work for many and are thoroughly tested.

The process necessary to get your hands on RU58841 is questionably ethical at best, and a product of negligent production at worst, and the risks outweigh the potential rewards.

To learn more about how to prevent hair loss, peruse other methods and products, or explore existing research you can check it out here.

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