Rogaine Reviews: The No.1 Solution All Women and Men Can Trust?

Signs of hair loss can be noticed as early as 18 years old. Lack of confidence and being overly conscious are some implications of thinning hair.

Does Rogaine work?

Rogaine has always been the talk for the many years since it was first introduced. It has been mentioned on TV many times and people associate hair loss with Rogaine.

This minoxidil product for men and women has to its belt a huge number of clinical studies done.

Contained in this article are reviews of Rogaine for women and men, results and everything you need to know.

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rogaine for women foam reviews

Rogaine 5% Foam for Women


women's rogaine liquid solution reviews

Rogaine 2% Liquid for Women


rogaine for men foam reviews

Rogaine 5% Foam for Men


men's rogaine extra strength liquid solution reviews

Rogaine 5% Liquid for Men


What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a clinically approved solution and the most widely used product to treat hair loss and androgenetic alopecia in men and women. It is also known as a vasodilator medication.

The History of Minoxidil

Minoxidil was first used a treatment for high blood pressure in tablet form back in 1979. Upjohn Company (later became Pfizer), the developer of the drug, noticed that during the course of the treatments, patients were having unwanted hair growth.

This prompted Upjohn to investigate further with studies conducted and the conclusion was that minoxidil could indeed grow back hair.

In 1988, the FDA approved the drug for the treatment of baldness in men, under the name of Rogaine. In 1991, the product was available to women.

In 2006, Johnson & Johnson acquired the Consumer Healthcare unit of Pfizer including the Rogaine brand for $16.6 billion.

Minoxidil Dosages

Varying dosages were available previously.

Minoxidil 2% and 5% are the most common ones now and do not need any prescriptions.

Not many people know this but there were dosages of 10% and 15%.

However, FDA disapproved of them and the products were recalled. That’s why you don’t see them around.


They’re not clinically tested.

At higher concentrations, it did not necessarily mean more effective results. Moreover, there were safety factors too.

So, as a caution, please stick to the 2% and 5% dosages.

Where Can You Find Minoxidil In?

There are various forms that you’re able to find minoxidil in. But the most common products are still the topical foam and topical liquid solution.

  • Foam
  • Dropper
  • Spray
  • Shampooo
  • Pills/Tablets
  • Cream

What is Rogaine?

As mentioned, Rogaine is the first-ever topical minoxidil brand FDA approved to help men and women grow hair.

Therefore, most people always refer minoxidil as Rogaine and vice versa.

How Does Rogaine Work?

Rogaine’s main active ingredient is minoxidil.

The initial use of minoxidil was to treat high blood pressure. This is done by widening and unclogging blood vessels.

Although, the exact way to treat hair is still unknown till this day, most experts pointed out that it works by widening blood vessels of the scalp to allow more blood, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

The shedding of follicles follows this, which is then replaced by thicker hairs.

The Product Line

The products have gone through several changes over the years. The first ever product by Rogaine was the Men’s 2% liquid, which can only be prescribed.

However, all products are now available over the counter and are all FDA-approved.

Foam and Liquid are the 2 types of Rogaine products available for men and women. The minoxidil concentrations might defer.

The breakdowns are as such:

  • Men
    • 5% Liquid
    • 5% Foam
  • Women
    • 2% Liquid
    • 5% Foam

Foam vs Liquid

If you’re deciding which to go for, then this section is important for you. The following factors will apply the same for both men and women.

  1. Frequency of use
    For Men’s Rogaine foam and liquid, you would have to apply 2 times a day. So there’s no difference in the frequency of use. For Women, the foam requires only once per day and the liquid at twice a day. So, if you find it a hassle to apply 2 times a day, then get the foam.
  2. Ease of application
    Foam is like putting mousse on your hair and then massaging the scalp. It is a more convenient way. For liquid, you would have to use a dropper. Users also commented that if you have long hair, the liquid solution would be easier to apply directly on your scalp compared to the foam.
  3. Post-application
    Are you heading out after applying? Or are you just going to stay at home?
    Foam is quick drying. Therefore, if you have activities outside, this may be a better option. The liquid becomes greasier after application so you may want to take that into consideration.
  4. Ingredients
    The liquid solution contains propylene glycol, which allows better absorption, increasing the effectiveness. However, due to the hypersensitivity of propylene glycol, it has a higher chance of causing scalp irritations as well. Foam was introduced from a cosmetic point of view. In clinical studies done, foam is shown to have a lower chance of adverse reactions.

Ultimately, both methods are effective.

The choice is simply your preference.

Most females would still prefer the foam option.

Results and Testimonials

For Men:

Does Rogaine Work?

There were countless clinical trials over the 20 years that Rogaine was introduced.

Many have shown positive results.

These are the few notable ones:

For Men

A 48-week study in 2002 was done on a total of 393 men. Its objective was to compare 5% topical minoxidil with 2% topical minoxidil to see whether a higher concentration leads to increased hair growth.

The conclusion was that the 5% was much superior to the 2%.


  • 45% more hair growth than the 2% at the end of the 48-week study
  • Those who were on the 5% experienced faster results
  • There were no evidence of systemic effects
  • Psychosocial perceptions such as quality of life, global benefit and hair growth of the men were also improved
  • Higher concentration meant better results​

For Women

Although many clinical trials were done on men, there were only few on women.

This study was particularly important to see the difference between using a 5% foam and the 2% liquid on women.

It was a 52-week long study on a total of 322 women. The foam was applied once a day and the liquid, twice a day.

Its purpose is to use an objective measurement called Target Area Hair Count (TAHC) to see whether there’s a change in the number of hairs in a particular region after using the product for 12 weeks, 24 weeks, and 52 weeks.

The baseline TAHC for 2% liquid and 5% foam were 167.3 and 169.7 respectively.​

At week 24, the TAHC were 192.8 and 194.4 respectively.

What can we tell from these results?

  • There were increased hair count using either the 2% liquid or 5% foam
  • Because the baseline for both 2% and 5% were different at the start, it is harder to ascertain which is the more effective solution
  • Even though the concentrations were different, there’s no clear sign as to which is a winner.
  • Both are effective in growing hair​

Does It Work on Beard, Eyebrows or Facial Hair?

To point out, Rogaine is not approved to work on the face.

Still, there are some users who experienced hair growth on these particular areas by applying on them. This could work because of the mechanics of minoxidil, which is to stimulate blood flow to the dormant follicles on the applied areas.

If you wish to apply it on your face, exercise extreme caution.

Be careful to not apply more than 1 ml and a higher dosage does not mean faster results.

Using it could cause dryness to the face, so do moisturize often.

​Possible Side Effects?

​Much has been said about the benefits of Rogaine.

It is effective in growing hair.

Does it come with side effects?

Most might not experience any form of side effects but there are some who do.

Some of the most common side effects are scalp irritation, itchiness, dryness. These are more common with the use of the topical liquid solution.

There may be other side effects but they are rare.

If you develop any side effects, consult a doctor to assess your situation.

There were reports on having hair growth on different areas where Rogaine has came into contact with the skin.

This could be due to the liquid solution dripping from the scalp. When it comes into contact with the skin it may cause some hair to grow. That’s why women would still prefer the foam option.


  1. Temporary hair fall
    During the first 2 weeks of using the product, there should be an increase in hair falling out. Don’t be alarmed because this is the shedding phase. It occurs because the new hairs push out the old ones. However, if this duration is prolonged, you may want to consult a doctor to see whether there are any implications.

  2. Effective only for the top of scalp
    Rogaine is said to be only effective for the top of the scalp (vertex), not for receding hairlines or frontal balding. On the other hand, you’ll notice there are lots of feedbacks stating that it helped for those concerns as well. All hope is not lost.

  3. Stopping Rogaine
    It is recommended to continue Rogaine because once you stop, the hair loss process is restarted. The new hair growth that you had gained while on Rogaine may be lost, and you would be at the baseline before you started.

Who Should Not Use Rogaine?

  • Allergic to the ingredients
  • Heart problems
  • Under 18 years old
  • Have scalp diseases like eczema, cuts or infections
  • Kidney diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • On specific medications for high blood pressure, etc

Consult a doctor before starting Rogaine if you’re experiencing one of the above.

Before and After Pictures​

men rogaine before and after pictures

rogaine for women before and after pictures

Is There An Expiry Date?

Yes, the shelf life for the liquid solution is 3 years.

For the foam, it is 2 years.


To be clear, the liquid version for women is only available in 2%, compared to the 5% in men.

The inactive ingredients for both versions of topical and foam are roughly the same in both men and women, as shown in the ingredients list on the product.

Topical - Propylene glycol, purified water, alcohol

Foam - Butane, butylated hydroxytoluene, polysorbate 60, cetyl alcohol, propane, citric acid, SD alcohol 40-B, glycerin, isobutane, lactic acid, , purified water, stearyl alcohol

How To Use Rogaine?

Both men and women can use Rogaine the same way:


  1. Start with dry or towel-dried hair
  2. Hold the can upside down and dispense half a cap of the foam
  3. Part your hair to maximise exposure of the scalp
  4. Gently massage the foam on to your scalp from the back to the front


  1. Part your hair
  2. With the dropper, apply 1ml on thinning areas
  3. Massage the scalp to allow better absorption

How Long Before Rogaine Works?

Most studies are conducted for 6-12 months.

Many of the participants experienced substantial hair growth after usage of 4 months. So make sure to continue usage for at least that amount of time or more.

Do make an effort to use the product as intended. If you’re supposed to use it 2 times a day, then do so. The directions are there to help you fully maximise the use of Rogaine.

If you miss a dose or two, it’s fine. Just remember to use it the next time round. You shouldn’t ‘make up for it’ by doubling the dosage the next round as it may cause adverse reactions.

​Where To Buy Rogaine?

As Rogaine has been around for many years, it is readily available.

You can get it at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, RiteAid.

Do be wary of online websites that lure you with fake coupon and discount codes.

One of the most cheapest and reliable online stores is Amazon.​

Final Verdict

​We hope that this review for Rogaine is useful to you.

We’ve seen what Rogaine can do to regrow back your hair and to stop hair loss. It is no doubt with its limitations as with many other treatments available.

By far, it is the only FDA approved hair loss product for women. With more than 20 years to its name, Rogaine has stood the test of time to provide effective solutions to thinning hair.

It is important to note that the earlier you start treating your hair thinning issues, the better the results would be.

If you were to tackle it at a later time, it will be extremely difficult.

Why not give it a try and see whether it works for you?


rogaine for women foam reviews

Rogaine 5% Foam for Women


women's rogaine liquid solution reviews

Rogaine 2% Liquid for Women


rogaine for men foam reviews

Rogaine 5% Foam for Men


men's rogaine extra strength liquid solution reviews

Rogaine 5% Liquid for Men


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