Hair Growth Protocol

Okay, here’s the plan…

Now is the PERFECT time to recap my own personal hair growth methodology.

Yes, I have a plan, yes, I follow it, and yes, I’ve experienced success recovering from my own hair loss.

A great number of readers have expressed interest in my success and themselves are following same steps.

I’ll share here what I do, and also give you variations of my protocol for those with bigger budgets, smaller budgets, and also for those with chemical sensitivities who need strictly all-natural options. I’m also giving a protocol for my male readers, because hair loss doesn’t discriminate!

OK, not quite yet….

First, a recap of my story. You can read more on my About Me page, buut the gist is this: my hair loss was the result of a perfect storm of all of this stuff.

  1. Medication Side effects. I have hypothyroid and must take levothyroxine daily. Both this medical condition AND this medication are associated with hair loss.
  2. Genetics. I’ve always had a weird/high hairline, which I believe is genetic as my mother also has it and my father was totally bald by 16.
  3. STRESS. After a period of tremendous stress I noticed my hair falling out from these thin areas at an alarming rate. To the point where my previously thin areas on my upper temples were bald, and my hairline was getting more and more distant. I had just sold my business of 15 years and moved halfway across the world away from friends and family, to the epicenter of nuclear conflict. My stress was legit.

My theory is that the extremely high stress I experienced kicked off the existing risk of hair fall from the hypothyroid and thyroid medication I’d already been taking.  In my case, the hypothyroid-related predisposition to hair loss was a ticking time bomb.

I first started with DHT blocking shampoo and quickly moved onto taking supplements. I’ve had the most luck with Nutrafol, and it’s the one I recommend most often.

After a solid year of hair regrowth focus and about six months of Nutrafol, collagen, and the other goodies described below, and especially after I said goodbye to my bleach, permanent dye and blow dry routine, my balding areas are filled in with vellus hairs (baby hairs) and real hairs.

What now?

My hair is thicker, stronger, and less brittle than it’s ever been.  As an added bonus, my finger nails, which have always been thin and splitting, are strong and grow so fast that I have to cut them. This, for me, is victory.

I firmly believe that if you intervene in time, when your hair loss is recent (usually the rule is under 18 months), you can get in there and coax the follicles back to life.

Maybe the follicles won’t be brought 100% back to life, and maybe you’ll settle for lot of pretty baby hair like I have, but I’m also hopeful that over time these same formerly dormant and now partially active follicles will start cranking out more actual hair.

Most importantly, hair regrowth requires diligence and patience.

It isn’t cheap. Is it easy? That’s debatable. It depends on your relationship with routine. If you can remember to do stuff every day, it’s easy. If you can’t, your hair regrowth strategy is gonna be a bit more of a chore.

But the patience is key – for the vast majority of us women, whether your hair loss is from menopause or post-partum shifts or chemo or stress or blasted medications or just the luck of the genetic lottery….you’ve gotta give whatever you try a real shot – 2-3 months before you can assess if it’s working.

Feel free to try any of these out, depending on your budget or needs, do the work, and give it time!

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Penelope’s Protocol:

  1. Nutrafol for Women (you can see my progress pics on my review of Nutrafol)
  2. Rosemary essential oil scalp massages nightly, or nearly nightly
  3. DHT blocking shampoo and conditioner – I’ve stuck with the not irritating and affordable Fight Fallout duo from OGX
  4. Art Naturals hair mask every couple of weeks – really nice conditioner
  5. Just Naturals Grow New Hair Treatment on nights before I’m washing my hair the next morning – smells yummy
  6. Magnesium oil spray on my scalp a few nights a week – also on my ouchie areas and joints
  7. Bovine Collagen Peptides. Moooooo.
  8. Vitamin D3 – suspended in coconut oil
  9. Biotin – suspended in coconut oil
  10. I sucked it up and stopped coloring and bleaching my hair. I accept my natural color and the increasing grey. Dark & grey is better than blonde and gone.
  11. Stopped drying my hair, except for rare times in winter, or before fancypants stuff, and please, ladies, USE A DIFFUSER.

Moneybags Protocol:

  1. Grogenix Laser Cap. That’s right, if you can afford it, get yourself a laser helmet and surrender to the science of low level light therapy.
  2. Nutrafol for Women – this stuff is still $88/month.
  3. Ultrax Labs DHT blocking caffeine shampoo & conditioner – these are expensive but totally worth it.
  4. Grow Gorgeous Hair Intense Serum nightly – again, expensive but worth it
  5. High end Bovine & Marine collagen peptides – yeah, you still need the collagen just get the fancy super clean stuff 🙂
  6. Vitamin D3 & Biotin – may as well splurge on the best!
  7. Weekly full-body massages and other stress-reducing measures or outright pampering

Ramen Noodle Living Protocol:

  1. Hairfluence – Hairfluence is the best cheap hair loss supplement out there at $20/month
  2. Rosemary Essential Oil Scalp massages nightly – a 4oz bottle is under $12 and will last you forever.
  3. DHT Blocking Shampoo & Conditioner from Hair Restoration Laboratories (huge bottles for the price) – these are under $40 for a set that will last you about 6 months.
  4. Bone broth as often as possible – buy the bones from your butcher (they’re cheap), make the broth, drink the broth. If necessary freeze the extra and thaw as needed.  Read my post about this here. Making the bone broth is cheaper than buying the powdered collagen. If you’re really creative, go eat pho a few times a week over lunch at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant…should ring in at around $6/meal.  Double duty food & medicine!

Sensitive Skin Protocol:

  1. Phytoworx organic plant stem-cell shampoo OR
  2. Vitamins Organic Gold shampoo & conditioner
  3. Organic Rosemary essential oil & Organic Lavender scalp massages nightly – why not go organic?
  4. Organic Saw Palmetto Supplement – it’s hard to find a specific hair-loss supplement that has 100% organic sourced ingredients so just get the most potent DHT blocker and supplement with it separately.
  5. Organic superfoods & grass-fed bovine collagen powder – happy plants, happy cows.
  6. Wild caught marine collagen powder – happy fish.

Penelope’s Hair Club for Men:

  1. Be Awesome to your Wife or Girlfriend (or Husband or Boyfriend) all of the time.
  2. Nutrafol for Men.
  3. Rosemary essential oil scalp massages nightly, or nearly nightly.
  4. Theradome or HairMax Laserband 82. That’s right, Mr. Moneybags – get yourself a laser helmet and surrender to the science of low level light therapy.  It should appeal to the gadget nerd in you.
  5. Bovine Collagen Peptides. Moooooo. Throw it in your muscle smoothie.
  6. DHT blocking caffeine shampoo. Alpecin on a budget and Ultrax Surge if you’re flush from your last trip to Vegas. Both smell masculine.

Why do all of this instead of Rogaine + time?

Rogaine (minoxidil) is the only FDA-approved chemical hair loss treatment for women.

Rogaine is all well and good for those who have results with it. I am not one of those, and I also don’t like the way it leaves my hair greasy. I also have a hard time not getting it on my face.  I’m Italian, and have enough issues with facial hair without having to contend with the Rogaine gorilla face.

Luckily, there are several alternative minoxidil products out there, and one I’ve considered trying is Lipogaine for sensitive scalps.

I came up with my protocol after research, trial and error, and cobbling together the treatments that seemed to work, not irritate my skin, and agree with my budget.

I’m sharing this information because the internet is full of women (1 in 4 of us!) desperate to solve the paralyzing horror of hair loss.

All joking aside, hair is serious sh*t, and since I’ve had some luck, I believe in passing this luck onto my sisters 🙂

Skullcap Recap

I hope this post has given you some concrete ideas on how to tackle your hair loss. Keep trying until you find what works for you.

My blog is FULL of reviews of products not mentioned here, so if you don’t like these suggestions, keep reading and maybe something will pop out to you that sounds more up your alley.

I strongly believe my inside/outside hair loss treatment approach is mandatory, because our hair exists inside our dermis and outside our bodies.

DHT blocking shampoo is nice, but if you aren’t giving your body the collagen it needs to grow new strong hair, it’s not gonna give you the results you want.

And if you’re only taking supplements and not taking care of your hair on the outside with serums, nourishing oils, or nightly scalp massages, you also might not see much of a difference.

So, in my experience, you’ve gotta do it all, and you’ve gotta do it all at the same time.

I love hearing from you all and I encourage you to reach out to me personally or through the comments with any questions, thoughts, ideas, comments, or musings.

And if you like what you see-  scroll down to the right sidebar (or ALLL the way down for those of you on mobile) and subscribe! You’ll get an email whenever I publish a new article.

We’re all in this together! Hair hair!

57 thoughts on “Hair Growth Protocol

  1. Great product reviews with details about each individual product. I agree that good hair is an inside job combined with some daily maintenance.

  2. Hi Penelope,
    Oh wow, that looks like a really great hair care treatment. I naturally have enough hair. but after giving a birth and over a year of breastfeeding I noticed that my hair are not as thick as they were before. I cannot complain about the amount though. I support a healthy lifestyle and drink supplements as well, but as you said I might need an extra external boost for my hair to recover. I will definitely try a couple of your recommendations.
    A little question. Do you massage vitamin D3 dissolved in coconut oil in the scalp? How often?

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with post partum hair changes! And the vitamin D3 in coconut oil is a supplement that I take by mouth every day, I don’t massage it directly on my scalp. great question, thanks!

  3. Oh Wow, this is a great post. I really love your protocol and agree with every point you have mentioned. You have a great knowledge about hair health and treatments. I really appreciate your work and knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  4. Hi Penelope,

    this is a very nicely compiled article and honest review of the optional products for hair loss
    you mentioned 18 months as a time period when one should first begin the process of trying to reverse the loss of hair
    well judging by that I’m probably a loss cause by now, nevertheless it may be worth my while giving the natrafol a try

    as a matter of interest what do you think of the application of coconut oil on the affected scalp area as a remedy?


    • I love coconut oil and I recommend that people use it as the “carrier oil” when they do Rosemary essential oil scalp massages at night before bed, for their hair loss. Nutrafol is an excellent product and I’ve had a lot of success with it personally.

  5. I’m thrilled that I came across your post in my search for hair growth treatments. I am on Levothyroxine as well, and between my hypothyroidism and my high levels of stress, it hasn’t been good for my hair and nails. I’ve tried Argon Oil, and also have tried taking Biotin supplements every day, but nothing seems to help. My fingernails are thin and splitting to the extent that I cannot wear nail polish. I have to go for a blood test this week. I am definitely going to try the Grow New Hair shampoo and conditioner, and have put them in my Amazon cart..! I’ve also tried Rosemary Oil but can’t really put stuff on my scalp but once a week when I wash my hair — or maybe twice a week — but my hair is dry so I can’t really wash it more than that. Anyway, your post is great and thanks for sharing such valuable info.

    • Hi Amy! So it sounds like we’re in a kind of a similar situation here with the hair loss. I really did need to try all of the things I described at the same time before seeing improvement. It still seems a little crazy to me that I have to do that, but I was NOT breastfed as a child and my childhood was also punctuated with antibiotics for ever little sniffle and cold. Because of this, my theory is that my body is just super inflamed and my immune system isn’t great: when those are the conditions, it makes sense that inessential functions like hair and nail health would go down the toilet when serious stress hits. And that I would really NEED an arsenal of crap to notice a difference.

      Can I ask if you live in an area with low humidity? And have you ever tried a hair mask for deep conditioning? Sometimes that can help bring it back to life. I would also suggest you start supplementing heavily with both marine and bovine collagen, and include more omega 3 & 6 fats in your diet which can help with skin and hair moisture levels.

  6. Wow, this is some great info! I went through treatment for Breast Cancer and of lost my hair. Luckily it has started to come back, but a year later and it still seems like its taking forever to return to its original length. I would be curious to give your recommendations a try, but I do have some concerns. My cancer was estrogen positive, so I need to avoid anything that could potentially mimic estrogen in the body. Are they all safe, or is it best to have a Naturopath review the ingredients before trying something new?

    • Thank you for sharing your history with hair loss after breast cancer, Jennifer! I can understand the frustration of its slow regrowth. As for what to avoid, that’s an EXCELLENT question. Saw Palmetto has some complex interplay with estrogen – it mostly inhibits it, but you should avoid it and anything that includes it as an ingredient. You should also avoid using Rosemary essential oil. Consider Lipogaine or Rogaine – minoxidil doesn’t impact estrogen levels, and it’s one of two FDA approved hair loss treatments for women.

      The other FDA cleared hair loss treatment for women is the low level laser therapy, and that’s my #1 recommendation for your case. Check out my review of the HairMax Laserband– they’re the industry leaders in this technology.

  7. Penelope this is great! A protocol for every budget and that’s inclusive of men and women battling hair loss. I always enjoy your writing and will be sharing this with my friends who may benefit from the information and products you share.

    Have you looked into the iodine protocol for thyroid problems? It may be worth a ganders.

    Much love!

    • Hi Lace! I have not looked into the iodine protocol for thyroid issues, but I’ll check it out for sure. thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  8. This is great. I always love reading your reviews and I love the way you put this together. There is nothing more reassuring than when someone shares their experiences with you so I thank you for sharing yours. I like how you broke down each protocol, right now I am in the ramen protocol, lol. Thanks!

    • Hi Melissa! Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post! I will be launching my forum in the near future, and you can go there and compare notes with all the other ladies on the Ramen living protocol! Keep coming back 🙂

  9. I’ve been looking for hair growth solutions and I think biotin might be the best option for me, can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  10. Wow this is such a comprehensive review of the various products! Thank you for giving us all these options, with consideration to which protocol our pockets can handle. I’ve been dealing with hair loss since my last childbirth. Your article came so timely, I will look into the various options.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with post-partum hairloss, Joo! Let me know if you have any questions and always feel free to PM me!

  11. Great Article Penelope. Very informative wish you had something in there for men’s beard haha. thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Steven! Yeah, facial hair is a totally different speciality altogether 🙂 Pretty sure most of my lady readers are interesting in GETTING RID of it vs. cultivating the face garden 🙂

  12. Hi there,

    Great article. So there is still a chance for me to get my hair to grow back? that’s awesome. Quick question, how long after using the treatments, expect to see results ?

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us

    • Hi! Hair growth is a slow and agonizing process, unfortunately. It can take 2-3 months to see significant results from ANY hair loss treatment. And anyone who says otherwise is either super lucky or a super liar. But yes, you can totally regrow your hair. It is possible.

  13. Wow! Who knew there were all these great products that we could use to take of our hair!?? I’m so glad I came across your site. I’m very interested in health, nutrition and fixing my health through natural means. This post has absolutely opened my eyes to ways I can help my hair through nutritional means!

    Thanks for turning me onto the inside/outside approach!

    Do you have any recommendations for natural thinning hair is aging people? I’m 56 and my hair is just starting to thin a little. I’m guessing all the approaches you mentioned will work the same for me.



    • Hi Steve! Yes, definitely check out all of the suggestions in my “Penelope’s Hair Club for Men” protocol. If your hair is just starting to thin you are at the exact right time to start treating it and bringing it back to fullness. Your follicles are still alive, just dormant. Come back and let us know if you try this out, and what that looks like for you!

  14. Hi Penelope, I have bookmarked your site and I’m going to be exploring your other pages also. This has been on my mind for a while and I haven’t done anything about it. My hair is really thin now and breaking and I’m not sure why. I recently bought some vitamins called “Hair, Skin and Nails” and I’m yet to start taking them (denial?). Also, I have a very sensitive scalp, I see that Rosemary Essential Oil is listed as being OK for sensitive scalp, so I’ll give that a try. It might even help me sleep better 🙂 Thanks Penelope this page has been really interesting to me, and I thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Melissa! Definitely talk yourself into starting treatment soon – even just the vitamins you have and the Rosemary scalp massages at night are a great start. Come back with questions any time 🙂

  15. Wow that is some amazing progress…congratulations! I just found a big jar of collagen at Costco, but have not cracked it open yet. I know how good it is for joint care, so why not hair care? Awesome idea, and thank you for that.
    I noticed in your review of Nutrafol that it contains some really awesome ingredients, including ashwagandha which I recognized as a supplement that my naturopath doctor prescribed for lowering cortisol.
    How did you stop coloring your hair? I notice that your hair is quite long and I want to do the same but I am stumped as to how to do it so that I don’t look too strange (I have a lot of grey).

    • How did I stop coloring my hair? radical acceptance!!!!!! And it’s not easy, but I also don’t want to cut it off super short. I’m just growing and waiting and growing and waiting.

      Definitely take that Costco Collagen! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  16. I like the attention to detail. Giving the options to those in different income levels was a generous touch. Your article reads like a message from a friend. I like that.
    I will be sending this link to my wife. She is dealing with increasing hair loss on top. She is constantly coloring and bleaching, so I hope she reads this.
    My goodness you have really done serious research. Well done. I will be looking at more of your articles for my own thining hair. The last three years has been very stressful and I lost a good deal of hair during it. It would be nice to get that thickness back.
    Have you heard good reports from men about Nutrafol for men?

    • Hi Paul! Nutrafol was developed by a male model who wanted an alternative to Propecia, which has horrible sexual side effects. It definitely has a following among men, and I would recommend that you give it two or three months to see if you notice a difference! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and will share it with your wife 🙂

  17. Hi Penelope, thanks for your page. I have bookmarked and will visit your other pages too to. Ever since I gave birth my hair has been significantly thinner, mostly due to breakage I think. I have a really sensitive scalp so I might try the Rosemary Essential Oil. It’s great that you break down your recommendations into different groups, that’s really helpful (as us sensitive scalp people are often forgotten!). Thanks for this page – this is a great resource for me and for so many others like me whose hair has changed over time.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced more breakage after hte birth of your child! I’m glad you enjoyed the site- feel free to subscribe on the bottom right and you’ll get notices when I publish a new post!

  18. Stronger more lushes hair, sign me up! sounds like a great product and worth a try especially when helping to look after my looks haha.

    Thanks for the great post Penelope:)

  19. Oh what great information on exactly what you use. I do have a question. How long did it take for you to see a noticeable difference, I mean when you started to notice the hair getting thicker again? Here is my protocol, I just want to know your thoughts on if I should add anything. Collagen peptides daily, hairfluence, Organix DHT blocking shampoo and conditioner, cayenne pepper a couple days a week, Rosemary oil with Coconut oil massage nightly. Anything else I need?

    • Thanks for the great question, and sharing your hair growth plan.

      For me, it took about two months to notice new growth in my sparse areas. I think you have a great plan there- the challenge is to keep it all going at the same time, and wait a few months to see what happens! Definitely come back and let us know about your progress!!

  20. That was good post about describing to keep the health of hair, in terms of hair loss prevention or regaining growth of hair. And a good shampoo or dietary supplements can be good for anyone, who want to get solution regarding hair loss.
    And I believe as well that, this can be backed by good diet and supplements to support hair growth)

  21. Hello Penelope,
    I know your daily routine is quite expensive but to be honest is worth.As a woman is very difficult to lose your hair and your self-confidence is destroyed, You can’t get used to this and I think each one of us would pay the price to have again a long, strong healthy beautiful hair.
    I think your article is very helpful and I am sure will help a lot of ladies, in any situation, even if they are at menopause, or had a chemo, or stress…
    Talking about stress I think most of the problems, also hair loss are due to a lot of stress. Do you agree?
    I think our way of life is responsible for all these issues,
    Thanks a lot for sharing. I will surely be back, have a good day

    • Hi Cristina! Thanks for the great comment. I agree with you – stress is the root of tons of this dis-ease. IN my case, it was stress that tipped the scales and made my struggling hair give up. Stress reduction has been a huge part of my treatment and focus as well.

  22. I completely agree with your inside/outside approach, although hair is on the outside of the body, there is a lot more that goes on inside the body that can affect it’s strength and growth.
    This protocol guide is simply brilliant, i love how you have catered for all budgets and i also love the first point of the men’s protocol 😉 this is an excellent guide from someone who clearly knows what they are talking about and genuinely wants to help rather than just recommending the expensive stuff.
    I love this post and will be definitely bookmarking it for future reference 🙂

    • Thank you for your feedback, Colleen! I’m glad that you found some useful information and that you liked how I broke it all down. keep reading!

  23. Wow. What a story. I had no idea. But good for you for overcoming it and not giving up. Hair loss for women is not fun. Men…..well I don’t think they really care that much lol. At least me anyways. Great read.

    • Thanks for the feedback, AJ! yeah, I do think most men experiencing hair loss care about it…but for women, it does seem to be more of a beauty emergency!

  24. I fit right in with the Ramen Noodle Protocol but will also need the Sensitive Skin Protocol. I guess I will have to figure out a happy medium. But I know it will be all worth it to finally see those baby hairs surface around my edges. There’s hope!

    • Thanks for the comment, Yemi! I’m glad to hear that you’re giving this a shot. come back and tell us about your progress!!

  25. Hi Penelope, now I know more about your story I can see why you have such a passion for hair loss treatments. It must of been awful for you to start losing your hair so young and I really feel for you. Luckily you are now a huge help and inspiration to others as hair loss is debilitating and horrific.

    I was starting to experience it myself but I think I have stopped it in its tracks by using some of your great tips such as the rosemary essential oil rub and kelp, silica and selenium supplements, plus a super healthy diet has worked wonders.

    This post is great as you have covered all bases and really shown how knowledgeable you are in this area, plus I love the humour you inject into it 🙂

    • Aww, I really appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad you like the silliness in my writing style. I never finish reading anything that’s too dry and blah, and assume others are the same way. I’m also super glad that some of my tips have worked for your own hair loss journey 🙂

  26. Great info Penelope! And I especially enjoy your conversational and friendly voice. My father and brothers suffer from hair loss, and I think they would be interested in trying the rosemary scalp massages.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom. It’s very helpful indeed!

  27. Hi and thank you for all the info. I finally came to terms recently that I’m losing the battle with my hair and went to see my doctor about it. I am also hypothyroid (since 2000) and have been on medication ever since (my levels are fine). My doctor suggested I try Rogaine 5% to see if that helps and will discuss oral medications with me if that still doesn’t work. My question to you is… Can I use Rogaine to see if it works for me… but at the same time try some of your methods at the same time? I am interested in trying the Rogaine foam once a day, using the OGX dht fighting shampoo and conditioner, biotin, collagen peptides, rosemary oil massages, and maybe nutrofol. Is there any reason for me to think this is TOO much to do at once and it would make my hair fall out even more by combining all this? Thank you so much. Also… Someone suggested I start using Monat hair products but I don’t see them reviewed on your site at all and was wondering your thoughts on this as well. Thank you!

    • Hi Elisabeth! Thanks for the detailed comment and questions!!

      Yes, you can absolutely use Rogaine as well as my other methods. They will all work together and boost your recovery time.

      The real challenge with starting an aggressive protocol like mine is keeping it up. Obviously, scan everything first for allergic reactions or intolerance – for example, if you know you have a shellfish allergy, Nutrafol is off the table. But Rogaine will NOT conflict with any of these methods. And it is possible to juggle all of it and have a normal life 🙂

      You might also want to consider Lipogaine, which produces a sensitive-skin minoxidil treatment (minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine).

      I have not personally used Monat products, and when I’ve read about them, they elicit more mixed reviews than many of the ones I’ve reviewed here. That said, their Rejuvanique oil looks like one of the better offerings, and has enough convincing good reviews to make it look worth trying, particularly anecdotes from stylists, which I tend to view as trustworthy!!

  28. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge about hairloss ! I was wondering if there’s any of the recommended ingredients that are unsafe during pregnancy ?

    • Hey there, Etsy! Any relation to the website Etsy? That place is addictive!

      Anyway, this is a great question and of course you’d need to run any medical advice by your OBGYN, since I’m not one. And it’s kind of a complicated answer – when pregnant, what you need to look out for most is anything that could have an impact on your hormone levels. The folks over at Nutrafol discuss the ingredients in their supplement that have an impact on our hormones. Saw Palmetto can throw people’s estrogen receptors out of whack, although there’ve been no good conclusive studies about how much or under what circumstances. Rosemary oil also has estrogenic effects, although some say it’s safe to use in Trimesters 2&3. This page gives a list of some oils to avoid during the entire pregnancy.

      Low level laser therapy is also FDA cleared as a hair loss treatment for women, but no clinical studies were performed on women who were pregnant or breastfeeding, and for this reason, they don’t recommend it (according to the folks at Theradome).

      While pregnant, supplements like collagen, Biotin, D3, and magnesium are safe. I would move forward with those.

      Daily scalp massage with soothing, healing oils like Argan – which is pregnancy-safe – is also a green light.

      My guess is that most DHT blocking shampoos are also ok – you aren’t taking them internally and they won’t have the same effect on your physiology.

      A number of pregnant women have positively reviewed Hairfluence, which contains Bamboo and Silica and no DHT blockers.

      I hope this helps! Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback!

  29. Thank you for your reply! Funny a lot of ppl think my name is Etsy but it’s Esty (short for esther) like Estée Lauder 🙂

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