Nioxin Reviews: Does It Work To Grow Hair Again?

In 21st Century society, finding agreement between genders can be as elusive as the search for the Holy Grail. But on the subject of hair, you’ll find plenty of consensus. Guys want more. Women want more. It’s the reason hairpieces, extensions, enhancements and hair growth products are big business these days.

Fact is, the subject of hair growth products alone has become as addictive as watching the Kardashians. Ads shout, “Want more hair? Here’s how!” And you stop you in your tracks, because you want more hair and you’re eager for a safe, tested and proven solution to a problem that may even keep you awake at night.

Maybe it's time you became acquainted with the Nioxin approach to hair growth success.

Millions of people concerned about hair loss have benefitted from using the shampoos, conditioners and scalp restoration preparations in the Nioxin collection.

You can too.

With technology advances, there are laser devices that can help with hair growth too.



 nioxin system 1 review

Nioxin System 1

 nioxin system 2 review

Nioxin System 2

 nioxin system 3 review

Nioxin System 3

 nioxin system 4 review

Nioxin System 4

 nioxin system 5 review

Nioxin System 5

nioxin system 6 review

Nioxin System 6

What is Nioxin?

​First developed by one of the most trusted brands on the market, Proctor and Gamble, Nioxin was introduced to a waiting public in 1987 as a way to combat hair loss by innovator Eva Graham. Her hair began to thin after her daughter’s birth, thus finding an answer to this frustrating problem became a personal and professional mission.

Consulting with scientists, Graham and her team produced a library of products designed to reduce dandruff, thinning and seborrheic dermatitis after the type of trial and error that only companies eager to make sure products are safe are willing to undertake.

There are now six systems on the market to accommodate those experiencing hair loss, so if you’re on a quest to resolve your thinning hair, you can become a single-product user of shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatments or adopt Nioxin’s popular three-step system.

Regardless of your unique situation, these systems are ready to come to your rescue.

About The Company

​Like every success story, Nioxin’s introduction to a community eager for solutions was a confluence of timing, target audiences and technological advances, yet the brand hasn’t strayed far from its roots.

Manufactured by Proctor and Gamble, one of world’s most trusted brands, Nioxin is regularly well-reviewed by media and found to be a safe, effective way to rehabilitate hair that is thinning for both men and women.

Now sold under the Wella brand, Nioxin systems remain under the Proctor and Gamble umbrella after being shifted to this internationally-known hair salon product supplier and distributor.

Today, Wella continues to win awards for producing some of the world’s most respected hair care products, of which the Nioxin family of hair restorative products remains a star.

How Does Nioxin Work?

​Nioxin shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments form an army of defenses that work together to remove barriers prohibiting hair growth.

Excess sebum, dirt and debris are extracted from follicles so they’re left clean and clog-resistant so new hair growth is easier to sustain.

​But this is just the beginning of the process to treat scalp and hair like royalty: select ingredients focus on the hair to plump it up, keep it thick and healthy. There’s even an ingredient added to Nioxin products that inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT, one of the major causes of male pattern hair loss!

​Use any of the Nioxin systems and receive healthy applications of Bio-Amp—glycol-proteins that thicken and seal damaged hair—plus moisturizing SmoothPlex. Additionally, Glyco-Color Shield is an amazing scalp protector, and all of these hair-boosting nutrients are delivered with vitamins, botanicals and nutrients to nurture and protect.

Results, Testimonials, Before and After Pictures​

Dr Neda, a user of Nioxin​, shares how the system improved her thinning hair:


​Happily, you won’t need a medical guidebook to satisfy your need to know what goes into the products in any of the Nioxin systems because you’ll recognize some of them.

For example, cleanser ingredients include Silk Amino Acids, a Honey abstract, Panax ginseng, Camellia Oleifara and Citric Acid, all-natural properties found in nature.

Water serves as a base and the Nioxin laboratory mixes in 100+ plant derivatives whose names are too long to mention here, but you can read every one of them on this website if the urge to satisfy your curiosity is strong.

On the other hand, if you’d just like "Cliff’s Notes" on the ingredient mixes that have made Nioxin a worldwide sensation, here’s a brief description of the most notable ones:

  1. Active Renewal properties include white tea extract, cleansing agents and peppermint oil formulated to refresh the scalp and add a healthy finishing shine.
  2. Bio-AMP pairs cysteine amino acids with conditioning elements that work to pump up every hair strand while strengthening them to resist breakage and damage.
  3. Glyco-Shield is a unique mix of white tea extract, humectants, protective conditioning agents and peppermint oil that help moisturize and balance color-treated hair while delivering rejuvenating benefits to the scalp.
  4. Scalp Access Delivery System describes an enriched mix of vitamins, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen and purifying agents that take aim at follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residues while also helping to protect the scalp from the damaging effects of the sun.
  5. Smoothplex combines silk amino acids, kukui nut oil and conditioning agents that are designed to add balance, moisture and control to hair while protecting against hair loss, damage and breakage.
  6. Transactive delivery system ingredient benefits include antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins and purifying agents that, in concert, remove follicle-clogging sebum and grime, leaving the scalp feeling clean and renewed.

Which Of Nioxin’s Six Systems Is Right For You?​

how to choose nioxin system

​If just the thought of having to make a decision between six options is enough to send you scurrying under the covers, the makers of Nioxin are eager to help you make a decision.

Eager to get right to business?

We hear you. The following overview of each system can help you attain Nioxin’s guarantee of thicker, denser-looking hair in 30 days, so you lose nothing by trying the one that fits.

System 1

Your objective? Amplify your hair texture while shielding it from breaking.

How: Your normal to thin-looking hair is treated to a refreshing scalp cleansing so your hair assumes a healthy shine.

Technologies: Activ-Renewal; BioAMP; Transactive Delivery System.

System 2

Your objective: Scalp protection and denser-looking, shining hair that turns heads.

How: This level 2 suite of hair-enhancing products includes cleanser, scalp therapy and treatment.

Technologies: BioAMP; Activ-Renewal; Scalp Access Delivery System.

​System 3

Your objective? Resort moisture balance while amplifying hair texture.

How: By using system 3, your thin-looking, chemically-treated hair is restored to health and balance.

Technologies: BioAMP; Glyco-Shield; Transactive Delivery System.

​System 4

Your objective: Thicker color-corrected hair, scalp protection and a big moisture-delivery boost.

How: Specifically formulated for color-corrected thinning hair, system 4 is especially effective at protecting the scalp.

Technologies: BioAMP; Glyco-Shield; Scalp Access Delivery System.

System 5

Your objective? Improve the quality of your coarse, natural or chemically-treated hair.

How: This mix of hair-restoration products addresses medium-to-coarse hair badly in need of moisture.

Technologies: Glyco Shield; Transactive Delivery System; Smoothplex.

​System 6

Your objective: Denser-looking solutions for your medium to coarse and/or colored hair.

How: Noticeably thinning medium-to-coarse hair that’s damaged appears smoother and thicker.

Technologies: Glyco Shield; Transactive Delivery System; Smoothplex.

​How To Use The Full Nioxin System To Your Advantage

Every journey begins with a single step, but in the case of your new relationship with Nioxin products, you’ll want to take five steps if you’d like to get your hair restorative efforts off to the best start.

Is one step more important than the others?

The answer is no.

It’s the magic of these products working together than gives you the result you crave: healthy, full hair.

Just follow this easy guide:

  1. Wet your entire head of hair as you do each time you shampoo, but instead of applying your usual product, measure out a quarter-sized dab of Nioxin cleanser into your palm, then rub hands together and evenly distribute the cream into your scalp. The secret to a proper cleansing? Work your way from scalp to ends. Spend a minute working up a lather and rinse thoroughly. It’s okay to repeat if your hair is especially dirty.
  2. Use the same technique—scalp to hair ends—to apply a thin coat of Nioxin Scalp Therapy. This conditioner builds on the foundation the cleanser provided, and you'll want to massage your scalp for a minute so the solution is absorbed properly. Rinse thoroughly after your mini-scalp massage and pat your hair dry using a thick towel.
  3. While your hair is still damp, squeeze a dime-size dab of Nioxin Hair Booster onto your hair, paying particular attention to the hairline as your starting point. Use your fingertips to distribute the product throughout the remainder of your hair.
  4. Section off (part) your hair to expose scalp in sections. Spray Nioxin Scalp Treatment at the hair root. Re-part the hair and spray another scalp section. This may require up to eight sprays to cover your scalp. Once you’ve saturated the scalp, use your fingers to assist the absorption process, making sure the spray doesn't touch your eyes. Run a comb from hair root to tip; blow-dry and style your hair.
  5. Go beyond this basic treatment by adding Nioxin brand gel, hairspray and texturizing products to your arsenal of hair-growing tools to enjoy a result that transcends the thicker-looking head of hair you’re working to restore while improving the quality of your hair so it’s healthier and more manageable than ever before.

Side Effects

​You live in a hyper-allergenic world, thus it’s important to test every solution on your skin before you apply it to hair and scalp.

Unlike companies hiding ingredients under fanciful names who let consumers sort out their own adverse reactions, the makers of Nioxin products care about your health and well being, and offer this list of side effects reported by consumers for your review:

  • Your scalp could itch and/or turn red if your scalp reacts to Nioxin products.
  • Scalp flaking has been reported by consumers—especially those whose scalps are already hyper-dry.
  • There have been reports of hair becoming drier and more brittle after Nioxin products are applied.
  • Scalp tenderness and swelling are infrequent complaints that nevertheless require attention.
  • Botanicals in Nioxin formulas could trigger reactions in people who are already hyper-allergic.
  • If you forget to wear protective gloves while applying Nioxin, you risk Purpura that can stain hands purple.

While nobody wants to experience product sensitivities, the good news is that, in reported cases, symptoms proved mild and temporary, usually disappearing once Nioxin use is discontinued.

Where Can I Buy Nioxin?​

A better question may be, “Where can’t you buy it?”

This popular hair treatment system can be found at big box stores, department stores, pharmacy and health care retail stores--at hair salons and specialty grooming discounters--but given limited shelf space at such retailers, you may not find exactly the system you want for your unique needs.

On the other hand, turn to quintessential cyberstore and not only will you likely find just the individual products and full-system packages you’re looking for, but you won’t have to worry about higher prices charged at typical retail locations.


  • These award-winning formulations have been proclaimed safe solutions to hair loss problems because most ingredients are natural botanicals manufactured to exacting standards.
  • Users report hair that appears to be thicker, healthier and fuller with less hair loss than before using Nioxin.
  • Availability is one of the biggest reasons to choose Nioxin over competitors.
  • You don’t have to wait forever to see results!
  • The confidence you gain when you begin to see the results of your Nioxin treatments can’t be quantified.


  • ​It will take time to get used to following the system, especially if you lead a busy life.
  • Highly-sensitive users report breaking out in hives that disappear once Nioxin use is discontinued.

Final Verdict​

Can you put a price on hair that looks, feels and behaves in ways that make you look your most attractive self?

Hardly. And while Nioxin isn’t inexpensive, it’s certainly a viable and sensitive alternative to putting up with hair loss, buying wigs that don’t fool anyone or giving up altogether.

Compared to competitive brands, a consumer couldn’t hope for a manufacturer as dedicated to scientific pursuit that focuses so stringently on product safety and user satisfaction, which is why the Wella/P&G brand remains one of the most respected partnerships in the hair care industry.

With assurances of safety, effectiveness, improved self-esteem and ease of use--especially compared to competitive brands of hair restorative products that don’t always offer reassurances—-the question that begs to be asked is, “Are you ready to make the change you've longed for?”

If your answer is yes, what are you waiting for?​


 nioxin system 1 review

Nioxin System 1

 nioxin system 2 review

Nioxin System 2

 nioxin system 3 review

Nioxin System 3

 nioxin system 4 review

Nioxin System 4

 nioxin system 5 review

Nioxin System 5

nioxin system 6 review

Nioxin System 6

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