The #1 Best Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth: Benefits, Uses, Etc

Are you finding ways to improve your hair situation? 

You must have heard of how jojoba oil can help your hair or other areas such as face, skin and acne.

Then, this article on Jojoba would be very useful to you. It covers the many benefits and uses that come with the special oil. And at the end, we include a review of the best jojoba oil around.

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best jojoba oil

Leven Rose Natural Jojoba Oil


What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil has been widely renowned for ages, and for very good reason. Packed with nearly all of the essential minerals and vitamins for healthy hair and skin, jojoba oil contains, among many nutrients:

  • vitamin E
  • B-complex
  • copper
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • iodine
  • chromium

Interestingly enough, jojoba oil isn't actually an oil, but a liquid wax derived from the seeds and nuts of the jojoba plant, an evergreen shrub that grows in dry desert areas of California, Arizona and Mexico.

Natives of the these regions have used the jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinensis) for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, using the paste of the nut for skin and hair care. The entire nut itself provided a valuable food source in case of emergencies.

Along with its numerous health and beauty benefits, it has a surprisingly long shelf life as well, without the need for preservatives.

One of the main reasons jojoba oil is so beneficial is that it's the only oil that closely resembles human sebum, the oily substance that is naturally produced by the oil glands beneath the skin's surface.

Along with its many vitamins and nutrients, jojoba oil contains an impressive array of properties to fight bacterial and fungal infections, due to its high percentage of iodine content.

Vitamin E is particularly effective in hydrating the hair and skin, while vitamin B helps to retain that moisture.

Needless to say, jojoba oil has many uses for body, skin, and hair care. Its anti-inflammatory and naturally emollient properties make it ideal for those suffering from eczema, an allergic reaction of the skin to various irritants generally found in soaps, detergents, and dyes.

How is it Made?​

Watch this interesting and informative video on how Jojoba Oil is made:

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Hair

Jojoba oil is ideal for repairing and strengthening dry, damaged hair, as well as treating dandruff and last but not least, hair loss.

Whether you're looking to add strength and vitality to your hair, restore volume, or boost the rate of hair growth, there are many ways to incorporate jojoba oil into your haircare regime.

Human hair falls out when it comes to the end of its life cycle, though we continue to maintain our total hair volume as new hair grows in its place. It's not uncommon for the average person to lose anywhere between 50 to 100 hairs a day.

However, if we lose more hair than the usual rate, or fail to regenerate new hair to replace the fallen, noticeable thinning may result.

Poor nutrition, various skin conditions, age and genetics all play a part in hair growth and consequent loss.

​Jojoba oil is an exceptional natural home remedy for stimulating hair growth. Your hair regularly releases the aforementioned sebum to keep your hair hydrated, but sometimes excess sebum is produced by the glands. This can block the hair follicles and result in hair damage and hair loss.

The many products we tend to use in our daily hair care routines, from gels to sprays to leave-in conditioners, can often add to the follicle blockage.

Jojoba oil dissolves excess sebum and debris and opens up the blocked follicle, encouraging the development of hair cells that lead to new hair growth.

Massaging jojoba oil into your scalp as part of a routine treatment will stimulate blood flow to the scalp region and allow the jojoba oil to penetrate any clogged hair follicles, thus encouraging stronger, more rapid hair growth.

How to use Jojoba Oil for Hair?​

  1. Adding a few drops of oil to your shampoo and conditioner can instantly improve your hair's health and texture.
  2. Jojoba oil is also great for a DIY hot oil hair treatment: heat one to two teaspoons of jojoba oil (being extremely careful not to burn yourself!) and apply to damaged hair, leaving on for about five minutes. You can combine it with coconut or almond oil for added benefit.
  3. Massaging jojoba oil into your scalp is an excellent treatment for dry scalp and dandruff, as this works as an intense moisturizer that penetrates deep into the pores, creating a lasting hydrating solution that balances the pH level of the scalp.

Other uses

Skin and Face

Jojoba oil is ideal for those with sensitive skin, who may be prone to allergic reactions.

Jojoba oil has also been used to treat psoriasis, a condition that causes dead cells buildup on the skin, leading to inflammation and scaling. Both conditions are characterized by itchy dry patches that are extremely prone to secondary bacterial and fungal infections.

Improves ​Acne

Jojoba oil can also be a great relief to those suffering from acne, which can affect both adolescents and adults alike.

Acne occurs when hair follicles get blocked by the accumulation of sebum and cell debris, which in turn cause inflammatory reactions of the skin. Jojoba oil combats the inflammation by first acting as a deep cleanser that dissolves sebum deposits and clears out the blockage.

Its antibacterial properties then control the bacterial growth that can develop in the hair follicle. The natural vitamins A and E found in jojoba oil continue to soothe and counteract any inflammatory effects.

Eliminates Wrinkles​

For those with anti-aging concerns, jojoba oil promotes natural collagen production, working to combat wrinkles, fine lines, and even discoloration. Furthermore, its powerful antioxidants encourage skin cell regeneration, which can aid in scar fading.

You can apply 4-6 drops directly to your skin or combine with your favorite moisturizer for day or night.

Where To Buy Jojoba Oil?

Now that you've gotten the history and rundown of jojoba oil and its many advantages, the next question is: where to buy?

And furthermore, how to make sure you're getting the purest quality jojoba oil available?

Your local organic and health food store will most likely carry fine grade jojoba oil, and many beauty outlets generally carry either straight jojoba oil or boast products that incorporate it.

​Ultimately, many prefer to purchase jojoba oil directly through the internet.

Online markets and retailers are more likely to carry top quality varieties of jojoba oil, and offer extensive information and guides to selecting the product and procedure that's right for you. in particular has been leading the charge in providing customers with innumerable choices in supplemental and skincare commodities, with the ability to compare prices and access feedback and reviews.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, jojoba oil is a powerful product to keep in your personal arsenal.

Its natural abilities to clean and fortify hair follicles have been proven to promote new hair growth, while beneficial antibacterial components treat and prevent skin conditions ranging from acne to dermatitis.

We expose our hair and skin to so many artificial chemicals and processes, whether it's daily blow drying or various detergents and cleansers, that it's nothing short of miraculous what organic jojoba oil can do to repair and restore.

Because jojoba oil is nearly identical in providing oils akin to what the body naturally produces, this makes it easily absorbed into the skin and hair, helping to restore precious nutrients frequently damaged by soaps, shampoos, and weather.

Jojoba oil not only encourages new hair growth, but continuously works to keep it strong and resilient against future harm.

By regularly massaging jojoba oil into your scalp before or after your cleansing routine, you can boost blood circulation in the scalp, cleanse hair follicles of sebum buildup and cell debris, and encourage newer, healthier hair growth.​

Why not just give it a try and see how well it works for you?

The Best Jojobal Oil for Hair, Skin and Face

​Leven Rose Natural Jojoba Oil

leven rose jojoba oil reviews

​Leven Rose has remained a bestseller for a long time and is far ahead of its' competition.

​This multifunctional jojoba oil is ideal for those looking to not only looking to stimulate hair growth but boost their overall skincare regime:

  • Made with 100% pure unrefined and organic Jojoba Oil from Arizona-sourced Simmondsia chinensis, the Leven Rose Jojoba Oil is cold pressed to preserve essential nutrients and fatty acids.
  • Ideal for addressing hair growth concerns, the oil also assists in treating skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne, as well as blisters, stretch marks, rashes and sunburn.
  • Free of parabens, additives, and GMO components, this fragrance free and Kosher friendly oil absorbs quickly for maximum anti-inflammatory and all-over healing benefits.
  • Perfect for all over protection and nourishment from exposure to weather elements and day to day rituals such as handwashing.

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