HairMax LaserComb Reviews: Can Its Light Give You Hope?

The new trend of laser technology is here to help alopecia sufferers.

Can the HairMax laser combs deliver? 

In our review, we include whether it works, results, any side effects and more.

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hairmax lasercomb advanced 7 reviews

Advanced 7 LaserComb


hairmax lux 9 lasercomb reviews

Lux 9 LaserComb


hairmax professional 12 lasercomb reviews

LaserComb Professional 12


hairmax lasercomb advanced 7 reviews

What is HairMax?

HairMax uses the technology of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and is the first FDA-cleared medical device intended to treat androgenetic alopecia in men and women. This could only be done after two decades of research and development.

There are currently only 2 FDA-approved treatments, Rogaine(Minoxidil) and Propecia(finasteride).

HairMax is one of the more prominent laser hair devices in the market, but it's still only one of the many products that you can try to grow your hair.

About the Company

Founded in 2000, the company behind HairMax is Lexington International. They are manufacturers and developers of advanced phototherapy devices for home use.

Lexington Int. are also members of the American Hair Loss Council, Hair Foundation, and Better Business Bureau with A+ rating.

Since the introduction of HairMax, over 500,000 laser devices were sold in 170 countries.

How Does HairMax Work?

This short video of 36 seconds will show you exactly how HairMax works:

We're sure some of you won't watch it so here's a summary of the content.

HairMax uses a process called "PhotoBiostimulation.'" It is similar to photosynthesis for the growth in plants.

The laser light provides energy when it is directed on the hair follicles, thereby stimulating the roots at a cellular level.

Here are the benefits of what this laser light can do:

  • Revitalise and Enliven weakened follicles
  • Stimulate hair growth factors
  • Reverse thinning process
  • Extends and restore natural hair growth cycle
  • Regrow hair

Compared to other laser devices, HairMax is the only one with a patented hair parting teeth a.k.a a comb.

Why a comb?

The reason they gave was that without parting the hair, it will block the laser light from hitting the scalp. While combing your hair, laser light will be able to penetrate the scalp with ease and allow optimal results.

Most of the leading home LLLT products are just helmets that you can place on your scalp. Thus, it may be harder for the laser light to go through when your hair is blocking the light.

3 Types of Models

There are currently 3 product variations of HairMax. The differences are simple. A higher priced model has more medical-grade lasers, which in turns lead to a shorter period of use.

They all contain the same laser energy technology.

Advanced 7 LaserComb

hairmax lasercomb advanced 7 reviews

As the name suggests, the Advanced 7 LaserComb is equipped with 7 medical grade lasers. This is the first generation laser comb that HairMax ever established. Compared to the other models, this model is the cheapest available. The laser comb is battery-operated and needs 4 AA batteries to run. Thus, it can be a hassle to replace these batteries in the long haul. You might want to get your rechargeable batteries.

You should glide the comb over the scalp for 15 minutes per treatment.

Lux 9 LaserComb

hairmax lux 9 lasercomb reviews

The Lux 9 is priced in the middle between the 3 models, with 9 lasers. It runs on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery so you need not replace it. The model also comes with an LCD screen that shows the battery and elapsed treatment time for ease of use.

You just need 11 minutes of treatment time for this model.

LaserComb Professional 12

hairmax professional 12 lasercomb reviews

At the highest price point, the LaserComb Professional 12 is expected to deliver. With 12 medical grade lasers, you would need a much lesser time of 8 minutes per treatment.

Unlike the Advanced 7 LaserComb, the Professional is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for easy charging.

Like the Lux 9, the Professional also comes with an LCD screen to indicate the elapsed timing and the battery life.

Does HairMax Work?

The golden question. The simplest and easiest way to answer this question is through the research done.

Throughout the years, there were 7 clinical studies done on HairMax, which places it as the top researched device compared to other LLLT brands. A total of 460 men and women participated in these studies. They were conducted at top medical research centers like University of Miami and University of Minnesota.

What were the notable ones?

Published on 29 Jan 2014, and titled: Efficacy and Safety of a Low-level Laser Device in the Treatment of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Multicenter, Randomized, Sham Device-controlled, Double-blind Study

In this study over 26 weeks, a total of 128 male and 141 females were given either 1 of the 3 HairMax models or 1 sham placebo. They were to use it three times a week. Terminal hair density of a target area was recorded at baseline (at the start), week 16 and week 26.

What were the results?

  • Increase in terminal hair density of targetted area as compared to the placebo shams
  • An effective option to treat pattern hair lossNo serious adverse events
  • The study was only for 26 weeks. So, more research is needed to determine long-term effects of using the product.

​Published in April 2014, the study, Use of Low-Level Laser Therapy as Monotherapy or Concomitant Therapy for Male and Female Androgenetic Alopecia.

The title may seem confusing but to put it simply, it means whether HairMax works as a single therapy or as a combination of different clinically proven methods, with Minoxidil and Finasteride.

This study consisted of lesser participants, only 21 females and 11 males. In a nutshell, 8 showed substantial results, 20 moderate results, and 4 experienced no improvements.


  • 88% showed improvements
  • Results were seen as early as 3 months
  • No adverse reactions

In the conclusion of the 7 studies, users experienced significant hair growth, an increase in hair thickness, reversal of thinning and higher hair counts of hair.

Side Effects

In the studies conducted, it is proven safe. No harmful side effects reported. However, for obvious reasons, you should never look at the lasers directly.

There are instances where users experience shedding which HairMax claims it's normal. This is usually due to the replacing of fine hairs so that new healthy hair can regrow. The shedding is only temporary. However, be sure to continue usage so that the shedding would stop.​

Any Limitations?

The HairMax is indicated to work on specific types of hair loss. These types of hair loss can be derived from a scale.

Females suffering from Ludwig (Savin) I-4, II-1, II-2, or frontal hair loss can benefit from it.

Males whose skin types are Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to IV and suffering from Norwood Hamilton Classifications of IIa to V can benefit from it too.

Too complicated?

Here's a picture to illustrate the above:

hairmax laser comb reviews

​If your condition is in the shaded area, then chances are HairMax would work for you.

Before and After Pictures

hairmax before and after pictures

Usage and Directions

The recommended usage by the company is 3 times a week or every other day. The length of the treatment session depends on the model that you're using. Look at the individual product description above to see the exact timings.

If you're thinking of using it for an extended period, don't. It won't give you better results. To see optimal results, you should use it consistently. You should see some form of results within 5 months. It's okay to miss treatments once in awhile but try to follow the directions as indicated.

If not, why would you buy it?

Things We Didn't Like

15 minutes per treatment session would mean to hold and glide the laser comb over the scalp for that period. It can be tiring for the arms. That is one of the biggest complaints we have. If you wish, you can treat it as a small workout.

Final Verdict

We hope that these HairMax reviews are useful to you.

Of course, there are users are who don't experience any results from using the devices. Make sure to check whether you're suitable for the products by looking at the chart above. If you have major balding issues, then this may not work for you.

So, which model to choose?

The main deciding factor would be the length of treatment time.

Can you comb for 15 minutes? Or would you prefer just 8 minutes of use?

The lesser the time, the more expensive it would be. So plan within your budget as well as how much time you're willing to spend with it.

In any case, if you're deciding on whether a solution works for you, do it fast. The faster you take action, the higher chance for hair regrowth.


hairmax lasercomb advanced 7 reviews

Advanced 7 LaserComb


hairmax lux 9 lasercomb reviews

Lux 9 LaserComb


hairmax professional 12 lasercomb reviews

LaserComb Professional 12


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