Hairfinity Reviews: The Pill That Makes You Grow Hair Like Crazy?

Hair loss is a depressing thought and sufferers of thinning, damaged, and unhealthy hair are looking for ways to solve hair dilemmas through the best possible treatments available.

There are products that are natural, useful, effective and healthful for hair conditions and do help restore hair and one such supplement, Hairfinity, fulfills those needs.

Our review includes all you need to know about Hairfinity, including reviews, results and side effects. 

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hairfinity reviews


  • Major celebrity endorsements
  • Clinical trials show promising outcomes for hair growth
  • One of best hair growth pills in the market



Hair has been renewed through this amazing nutritional supplement. As a natural supplement, Hairfinity contains a combination of vitamins and nutrients as well as a unique and exclusive complex, Capilsana, which advances hair growth through healthful means from the inside out.

​What is Hairfinity?

Hairfinity is an orally administered supplement that is formulated to provide the body with necessary nutrients required for ideal hair growth.

This natural vitamin supplement is designed to work from the inside out and provide outward results that deliver a full, healthy, and lustrous head of hair.

About the Company

A former engineer, Tai Lawrence, and her husband Brock Lawrence developed Hairfinity. They formed their company, Brock Beauty Inc. in 2004 out of a need they felt existed in the hair and cosmetic industry.

Together they created their innovative hair growth product, Hairfinity, which has taken the world by storm and has improved the hair lives of women (and men) everywhere.

Tai experienced her own problems with hair growth and was unable to find the answer to her own predicament. She soon found out that other products simply did not meet standards of effectiveness and reliability.

So, she decided to commit Brock Beauty to developing a natural solution for hair loss. As a result, Hairfinity was developed to deal with hair loss problems.

After Hairfinity's introduction to the hair nutrients market, the couple expanded their product line to include natural skincare and other products. Since then, they have continued their quest to grow Brock Beauty and turn their natural product lines into solution-based products for women seeking answers to their hair, skin care and beauty needs.

Features and Benefits

The features of Hairfinity Vitamins include not only Hairfinity's basic philosophy but its powerful, natural ingredients that are the focal point of the product, and a product name that suggests ever-growing, never-ending, longer hair.

  • Strong Philosophy
    Hairfinity is founded on the philosophy that maintaining a healthy body will be the platform for healthy hair as well. To achieve a healthy body and hair, Hairfinity pills contain the basic vitamins and nutrients for overall physical health, which, in turn, lead to healthy hair.

    The philosophy maintains that good health and a strong body are usually achieved through a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, the right diet, and a natural system of supplementation.​

  • Critical Ingredients to Promote Hair Growth
    Hairfinity provides the critical elements to maintain both general and hair health through its specific ingredients, and the user benefits from the positive, and common sense reasoning of the Hairfinity philosophy.

    MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is known to extend the duration of the hair growth phase, which allows the hair to grow for a longer period of time than normal.

    Biotin helps to stimulate cell growth.

    Capilsana complex provides hair strengthening through amino acids in hydrolysed collagen.

    These stellar ingredients bring together the necessary key elements that are beneficial to the user.

The nutrients, minerals and other ingredients in Hairfinity are synergistically combined to allow the user to see and benefit from the results of faster growing, longer and healthier hair.

Who are the Celebrities using Hairfinity?​

Celebrities are benefiting from Hairfinity. They realize the product's value and are seeing the results before their very eyes. The listing of Hairfinity "loyals" includes reality, television and film stars who swear by Hairfinity and use it on a regular basis.

kim kardashian hairfinity

Celebrities currently using Hairfinity include:

  • Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian - reality stars and spokespersons
  • Toya Wright - reality star
  • Porshia Williams - television personality, model, and singer
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt - movie and television star
  • Keshia Knight Pulliam - actress, television star, spokesperson
  • Cynthia Bailey - supermodel and actress, and reality star
  • Regina King - actress and television director
  • Taraji P. Henson - actress and singer
  • Rae Lewis-Thornton - emmy award winning, author, jewelry designer
  • Reginae Carter - teen celebrity, rapper/singer, spokesperson
  • Fandi Burruss - actress, businesswoman, record producer, singer-songwriter, television personality
  • Phaedra Parks - television personality and entertainment attorney
  • Yandy Smith - star of the VH1 reality series Love and Hip Hop
  • Blac Chyna - model and entrepreneur
  • Monica Brown - singer, songwriter, actress, producer
  • Tameka "Tiny" Harris - singer, reality star
  • Emily B - reality star
  • LeToya Luckett - singer, former Destiny’s Child member
  • Mimi Faust - reality television star and businesswoman

Results, Testimonials, Before and After​ Pictures

Torsha shares her real life experience after a tragic accident and how Hairfinity was able to help her gain back fuller and thicker hair.​

Does Hairfinity Work?​

​Every person's bodily makeup and chemical composition is different. If you’re deficient in certain nutrients, particularly nutrients that affect hair growth and other health-related or aging issues, which can cause hair changes and damage, then Hairfinity would be of benefit.

​Obviously, not all individuals taking the supplement will have the same results or have the same interactions or reactions from the supplement.

Every individual is different, but many women have been helped with Hairfinity and have not only had the advantage of the various nutrients to improve their hair issues but have also gained overall health benefits from this power-packed supplement.

Hairfinity Ingredients

​Hairfinity is a nutritional supplement that contains the following essential nutrients for healthy hair:

hairfinity ingredients
  • Biotin - increases new hair growth, protects hair against dryness and increases hair elasticity.
  • Vitamins A - aids in the production of sebum to the scalp to advance hair growth and diminish inflammation of hair follicles
  • Vitamin C - increases circulation to the scalp and supports the small blood vessels that feed hair follicles - protects against hair breakage
  • Vitamin D - diminishes hair shedding
  • Vitamin B Complex - nourishes and maintains a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth
  • Vitamin B-12 - helps in the formation of red blood cells and transports oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles
  • Capsilana™ Complex - 18 amino acids that act as platform for new hair growth as well as aid in the production collagen and keratin that are necessary for hair growth
  • Niacin - promotes scalp circulation
  • Silica - maintains the elasticity of hair and aids in the body's production of collagen that improves overall hair health and growth
  • MSM - increases hair shaft diameter and density to fortify strands

Possible Side Effects?

Women using Hairfinity vitamins have noted some issues with the supplement that include the following, but as the case with any new dietary supplement regimen, it is suggested that a person with health issues or on prescription medicines should consult a health practitioner before beginning any supplemental program that impacts hair loss.

  • slight scalp itchiness
  • possible hair growth in other areas
  • hair dryness
  • skin breakouts
  • headaches
  • biotin interactions/reactions

Having said that, there are currently no clinically proven side effects with these supplements.

If you’re experiencing any side effects, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Discontinue use and approach a doctor
  2. Reduce your dosage to just 1 capsule a day​ and monitor

Is Hairfinity Safe?​

​Hairfinity is a safe product and the company claims that only a natural vitamin complex is used that is 100% drug free.

​Take note that the FDA only approves medications and drugs, not dietary supplements. Still, the company operates its production in certified FDA facilities.

​Like any other supplements, there can be interactions and reactions from certain ingredients in the product that are not agreeable to individual users. High dosages of vitamins and other ingredients in a supplement can cause interactions and reactions in some individuals and not in others.

Obviously, if a person is already taking supplements that contain the same or similar ingredients as Hairfinity, it is wise not to start another regimen on top of an older one.

Pregnant or lactating women should probably take precautions when interjecting a new supplement into their vitamin routine as many of them are either taking pre or post natal supplements to nourish themselves and their child.

It could go into overkill doubling up on supplements. It is always advisable to consult with a medical professional, particularly one versed in nutrition and necessary recommended levels of certain nutrients as to their effectiveness at certain dosage levels.​

Studies Done?​

​A clinical trial was done on Hairfinity over a 90 days period.

In the study, Day 0-30 is a test for the subject’s baseline of hair growth and shedding. Hairfinity was only introduced and consumed from Day 30-90.

The mean distance of new hair growth per 15 days during the baseline phase was 1.74cm. This shot up significantly to 4.45cm during Day 60-90.

The average number of shed hairs per day during the baseline phase was at 23.85. This was reduced substantially to 17.64 during Day 60-90.

The conclusion was that Hairfinity proved to be effective in increasing the rate of hair growth. In addition, there is a decrease in the number of shed hairs.

Although not an objective component, hair curvature, thickness and satisfaction were improved.

There were some limitations to the study.​

Analysis of the clinical trial itself gives rise to issues that were not present or recorded. There are questions behind the trial that concern data, comparison/control groups, participants, head area(s) utilized for measurement of growth, as well as the method utilized to measure actual hair growth length.

There is also no critical analysis certificate available for issuance to users. The lack of a full scientific study could be due to the expense of such a study and the necessity to get the product in the marketplace for purchase and use, but more scientific controlled studies should be conducted for verification of any product claims made.

How to Take Hairfinity?​

​The recommended dosage for adults is two capsules a day.

It is strongly urged that the capsules be taken with sufficient amounts of water as one of the main ingredients, Biotin, is a water soluble substance and requires water to enter the system and provide benefits rather than reactions.

It is suggested by long-term users to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, 64-96 ounces, to avoid possible.

In order to gain optimal results from the product, a 3 month supply would be a good starting point in order for the body to adjust to the supplement and time to monitor whether there are hair changes.

Where to Buy Hairfinity?

There are many retailers that carry Hairfinity products. If you look around your area, you may be able to find one.

Most people would still buy it online since it’s the most convenient and shipping is fast but be wary of online web sites that lure you with coupon or promo codes.

Amazon is still one of the most reliable online stores around.


  • Provides essential vitamins and amino acids for scalp and hair health
  • Promotes overall health
  • Increases hair length
  • Thickens hair
  • Increases hair growth
  • Regain back confidence


  • Higher cost
  • Possible adverse reactions

Final Verdict

We hope this review is useful to you.

When taken in proper dosage and consumed with sufficient amounts of water, Hairfinity can provide the nutrients necessary to restore hair growth and general improved health.

As any other supplement, Hairfinity will not work the same for all users. 

Users for the most part are satisfied with the product and what it has done for their hair loss issues.

Hair treatments work best when one starts early. 

Would you want time to take away any chances you have for hair growth?

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