4 Important Factors For Hair Growth Success

All hair growth cures are not created equally. 

It can mean heaven or hell depending on how you select them.​

Today, I'll be talking about the 4 important factors that need to be satisfied if you want to easily achieve hair growth success. 

Read on.​

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1) Clinically Proven

This by far is the most important factor.

If I were to give you two options:

  1. A solution which has a proven record and multiple tests done on its effectiveness or
  2. A 'revolutionary' product recently introduced which promises hair growth quick but doesn't have any clinical trials done​

Which option would you choose?

Most would choose the former.

So if you're using a remedy, it's best to choose those which have positive results from tests done and not get induced by strong marketing messages like "get rich quick schemes."

Furthermore, I'm sure you've heard from friends or people around you who tell you that ___ is great for hair growth. Although they may have your best interests at heart, their recommendation could be far from the truth.

Therefore, try your best to do research.

People can say anything but it's important to show proof as well.

2) Negligible Side Effects

Would there be a point if you can grow hair but lose something else in the process?

In my opinion, there isn't.

But in the hair loss industry, there are drugs like Propecia (only for men) which is exactly like that.

It's one of the most proven ways for men to regrow hair but it comes at a price. And that price could mean a lower sex drive or the risk of impotence.

Is it worth it?

If I were a man, I don't think so.

So it's important to use solutions which are effective yet have the least amount of side effects if any.

In doing that, you also protect the most important aspect of your life - your health.

3) Easy To Use

Question: Would you use something for long if it's super tedious to apply?

Most probably not.

Very few people will stick to a remedy or a cure if it takes too much effort.

Think about weight loss.

It's pretty simple if you understand the mechanics. You just need to accomplish two aspects - diet and exercise.

Once you have both down, you will lose weight. But why don't most people lose weight?

The answer is that there's too much effort in reducing the amount of food they eat or eating healthily. Exercising can take too much work also. And because of those reasons, most fail to lose weight.

The good news is that hair loss remedies don't take that much effort.

Sure, some solutions require more effort on your part, but the best solutions are those which are simple and convenient to use.

The only requirement is for you to continue using it.

4) Patience and Time

Back in the good old days, our mothers used to tell us to eat our vegetables so we can grow stronger.

Because of whatever reasons, we tend not to eat them.

Through experience, our mothers knew that vegetables were essential to growing up, but we just can't see it then.

It's about sacrificing in the short term but gaining in the long run.

A lot of times, many of my readers tell me that ___ doesn't work. And they've only used it for a few weeks.

I can only tell you this.

Hair regrowth doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. The hard truth is that time can take a few months and some only see results after a year.

There is no magical cure... as of now (hopefully, it'll change in the future)

So right now, you may not see any results when starting out on a proven cure, but trust and believe you'll get there because results will show eventually.

Have faith!


So these the four factors of hair growth success that you need to take note of.


When choosing a product, keep these factors in mind, and your battle is half won!

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