Emu Oil For Hair Loss: Does It Work?

Yes, you heard that right. 

Emu oil for hair growth.​

What kind of ​benefits for hair does the oil of a bird give? We look in to this in detail and present our findings.

Read on to find out more.

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InstaNatural Emu Oil For Hair Reviews

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emu oil for hair growth

What is Emu Oil?

​What is an emu?

The emu is a flightless bird that has close relatives in the ostrich and kiwi. While it was originally imported to the US because of its odd physical features, but has grown more popular in recent years as a source for the treatment for hair loss.

So, where does emu oil come from?​

As it turns out, emus have a thick section of fat on their backs, and the oil harvested from this area is ideal for stimulating natural hair growth.

How valuable is this oil?

Well, the going rate on the market is about $1000 for one gallon of emu oil. Price isn't always a guarantee of quality, but there is certainly something behind emu oil if it can fetch a rate like that.

Emu Oil Benefits for Hair

As anyone that has tried to regrow their hair will tell you, the front of the hair is often the most difficult to grow back.

However, emu oil has shown some results in frontal regrowth although this is seen for only a percentage of the users. Nonetheless, these kinds of results make it an amazing option for anyone suffering from everything from hormonal hair loss to alopecia. 

Because there is no phosphorous in emu oil, which cannot be said of most other treatments, the skin allows it to be absorbed and begin working on hair-growth issues at the root.

While other treatments sit on the surface and try to encourage hair growth, emu oil gets down into the roots and makes it happen.

As an added bonus, emu oil is completely natural. While artificial treatments can be harsh and have nasty side effects, emu oil easily blends into hair and skin to strengthen the hair and cause the scalp to grow even more. 

Fortunately, emu oil can not only prevent hair loss, but stop it from happening. Studies, as seen below, have found that emu oil stopped hair loss and gave the subjects thicker, stronger hair.

Research Done on Emu Oil for Hair

The first concern is what if emu oil makes the problem even worse?

Luckily, that is something that you have little to worry about. A study conducted by several staff members at the Texas Tech University Medical Center found that emu oil is non-comedogenic comedgenic.

But what does this mean?

By testing on several rabbits and the hair growth on their ears, it was determined that concentrations of 25-100% emu oil did not clog up their follicles. This is great, since many natural oils will plug up hair follicles and make the problem even worse.

But the big question: does it stimulate hair growth?

In a study conducted by Dr. Michael Hollick at the Boston University School of Medicine found that emu oil not only encouraged new hair growth, but strengthened hair and stopped hair loss.

According to Dr. Hollick, more than 80% of the hair follicles that had been "asleep" were woken up and began producing hairs that were thicker and stronger than ever.

Where to Buy Emu Oil?

While there are no known dangers associated with emu oil when it is in its proper form, some sellers do produce it correctly. 

For untainted emu oil, we recommend buying from Amazon.

Final Verdict

With all of the miraculous claims about emu oil holding up during scientific studies, it is hard not to encourage the use of this product. 

With a positive mix of clinical studies and customer reviews, many have said that it worked for them. 

We were initially skeptical too, but the research have showed that many are satisfied. Sure, there are those who didn't experience results. But, you will never know whether it works for you until you try.

For those suffering from hair loss or even those that just want thicker hair, why not give it a fair shot?

The Best Emu Oil

​Below is a review of what we think is a strong contender to be the best:

InstaNatural 100% Pure Emu Oil

InstaNatural Emu Oil For Hair Reviews

​This emu oil is completely 100% pure without any additives, so you know that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

This emu oil claims to do a lot of things; from healing stretch marks to moisturising the face to, most importantly, growing hair. The benefits for hair does not just end there. Many have voiced their experiences that it has made their hair softer too.

The oil is absorbed easily into the scalp and does not linger or weigh down the hair.

It may seem too good to be true, but this particular emu oil has gotten rave reviews for its effectiveness.

A user experience noticeably thicker hair around the roots after just one month of use.

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