Cayenne Hair Loss Treatment Review

Cayenne pepper, in your hair? EEEK! For anyone who’s accidentally touched their face after making salsa and chopping those jalapeños, you know the sensation. Burning, stinging, and gets the blood pumping.

Now, while our skin and mucous membranes and eyes might hate this and find it irritating, it’s actually quite good for scalps with thinning hair.

Is Cayenne Pepper Good for Hair Loss?

Yes, it is! Cayenne pepper stimulates new growth by promoting additional blood circulation throughout the scalp.

Increased blood circulation means improved nutrient delivery to hair follicles, and improved circulation of waste products AWAY from the follicles.

Cayenne strengthens and encourages hair follicles to remain in the growth (telogen) phase.

Here’s a groovy infographic with more specifics on the goodness of cayenne. A picture says a thousand words…but for some reason my word count doesn’t agree 🙂

What’s in Cayenne Scalp Treatment?

This serum contains several powerful DHT blockers that help fight hair loss.

Organic Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. EFAs repair and renew damaged hair follicles and scalp tissue to promote healthy hair growth.

Organic Perilla Seed Oil: This oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which is an Omega-3 fatty acid that’s essential for hair growth. Omega-3 fatty acids help essential nutrients to pass through the cells in our body, including the cells in our hair follicles. Also, Perilla enables blood and nutrients to flow to the follicles, which of course regenerates the follicles and promotes hair growth.

Organic Argan Oil: This beneficial oil is rich with vitamins A, C and E, and loaded with antioxidants, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. When applied externally to our skin and scalp, it boosts scalp production which results in healthier skin and hair. Argan oil is often included in high-end beauty products…so this is the good stuff, kids!

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil: Pumpkin seed oil is high in zinc, which helps nourish the scalp and promote hair growth.

Organic Saw Palmetto Oil: Saw palmetto Ooil is a heavy-hitter in the hair loss treatment world. It is a powerful blocker of the hormone DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone and the culprit behind many forms of hair loss in men and women equally. By decreasing DHT levels, an environment is created conductive to hair re-growth, naturally leading to fuller thicker hair, facilitated by a healthier scalp.

Organic Sesame Oil: Sesame oil is popularly used for hair growth throughout Asia, and to maintain scalp health.

Organic Jojoba Oil:  Jojoba oil is capable of moisturizing hair  follicles without leaving any residue. It speeds up the reproduction of  hair cells.

Amla Fruit Oil:  Amla oil massages help boost blood circulation. This, in turn, optimizes nourishment to  follicles and increases hair growth. Alma is also extremely rich in antioxidants, particularly Vitamin C.

Organic Mustard Seed Oil: Mustard seeds contain protein, calcium, vitamin A and E, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. All of these strengthen your hair from the inside. Stronger hair falls out less often. Mustard Seed oil is also an excellent conditioner.

Avocado Oil: Avocado oil stimulates blood flow and unclogs blocked follicles. These effects may help fight hair loss. The monounsaturated fatty acid content in avocado oil is extremely high, and is one of the main reasons it is so good for your hair. Let’s face it, most of us have hair that’s dry, damaged and weak from poor nutrition, heat styling, chemical treatments and environmental pollution.

Organic Castor Seed Oil: Castor oil has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that make it beneficial against follicle inflammation, dandruff, and scalp infections. Its ricinoleic acid content increases circulation to the scalp and improves hair growth.

Bhringraj Oil: Important in Ayurvedic medicine,  Bhringraj oil improves blood circulation and revitalizes the hair follicles and facilitates hair growth.

Moringa Seed Oil: Moringa has Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. In addition to this, Moringa contains the following minerals: Calcium, Copper, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc. This is basically a hair follicle diet from heaven.

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Black Seed Oil:  Black seed oil gets deep within the roots of your hair. Numerous studies have proven black seed oil to be one of the most efficient ways to tackle hair loss. This is mainly due to the thymoquinone content, which helps lessen inflammation, clear any fungal or bacterial imbalances, and heal the root causes of the women’s hair loss problems.

Brahmi Oil: Brahmi oil is a natural remedy for slow hair growth. It cools the scalp and provides relief from itching and irritation. It strengthens hair roots by providing them nutrition and antioxidant protection with free radicals. It also reduces dandruff and flakiness on scalp.

Cayenne Pepper Extract: Oh hey, look up at that fancy infographic again if you need a reminder about all the good things this product’s namesake does for our precious hair and scalp. Capsacin increases blood circulation throughout the scalp to deliver more of the essential nutrients to the hair follicle required for healthy hair growth.

What else is in it? SO MUCH STUFF. I’ve gone into detail about most of the heavy hitters, but here are the other ingredients: Chili Seed Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol), Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (read more about Rosemary here), Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil, Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil, Provitamin B-5 (D-Panthenol), Organic Cassia Essential Oil, Organic Clove Leaf Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate), Styrax Benzoin Essential Oil.

About all of this, Botanical Green Care, the company that makes this product, says:

100% NATURAL Anti-Hair Loss Formula with our Powerful proprietary and CLINICALLY PROVEN Advanced DHT Blockers blend, the STRONGEST NATURAL HAIR GROWTH STIMULATORS, most powerful natural botanical hair loss fighting Organic Extracts, Essential nutrients, omega-3 oils, fatty acids & Vitamins. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. No Harsh Preservatives. No SLS. No Parabens.

No SLS means no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (we’ve written about how evil that stuff is here). Engine de-greaser does not belong in our beauty products!

No Parabens is also good – Parabens can mimic the behavior of estrogen in our bodies, which can throw us out of whack especially since so many of us with hair loss issues are already dealing with hormonal imbalances or endocrine problems.

After looking at all of this in detail, I’m really surprised and pleased that they packed so much good DHT-blocking hair-nourishing stuff (minus the crap) in one product.

I think this product counts as a “kitchen sink” choice – throw everything at the problem and hope something sticks and makes those follicles come back from their oh-so-annoying sleepy slumber!

How do you use it?

The directions are pretty darn straightforward. The cool thing is that you wash it out – you don’t have to wear it overnight like Rogaine or Lipogaine.

Shake well before use. Massage Treatment into your scalp before washing your hair. Leave on for at least 20 minutes, then shampoo. For best results use at least 2 to 3 times per week.

You might feel your scalp tingling even after you rinse it off, but that’s  just the blood rushing to your scalp and carrying all the nutrients and goodness to your hair. This makes your roots stronger, prevents hair fall, and increases hair growth.

What do people say?

This product has an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on, from 133 reviews at the time of this blog post.

There are a lot of reviews with before/after pics, which I always appreciate.

The basic gist of the good feedback is that this stuff works, and people appreciate the ability to wash it out and not have to keep it on for 10 hours a day 🙂

A lot of people remarked positively on the smell, which, after reading the ingredients, has to be pretty stupendous.

There were reviews from people with long-term hair loss, alopecia, post-partum hair loss, men, women, young, old…so it was good to see this is a unisex product.

The basic gist of the negative feedback was that it didn’t work, or that it smelled predominantly of lemongrass (which is a very loud smell, for sure).  There were so few negative reviews, though, that it’s hard to generalize further.  If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is!

Overall: Legit

Cayenne Hair Loss Treatment by Botanical Green Care may be relatively new on the scene, but it has rave reviews online, and packs a massive punch of hair helpers and DHT fighters.

Any thoughts on this product or cayenne peppers or spicy food or how your day has been so far? You know the drill….leave a comment, I will reply, and the world will be a better place after we share what we know about hair 🙂

30 thoughts on “Cayenne Hair Loss Treatment Review”

  1. Cayenne Pepper in your hair? Why the heck not. Considering that it works, so what. I like the fact that you can actually wash it out verse keeping it in your hair overnight. I would so prefer that anyway? Whats your favorite method?

    • I love stuff that can be washed out because I don’t like going about my business with a greasy head 🙂 thanks for the comment, AJ!

  2. Oh my goodness! I saw ‘cayenne’ and I immediately thought ‘what?!’ I could have never thought it would do so much good to my hair. There’s always something new to learn everyday.
    And lemongrass is my all time favorite scent! So I won’t mind that smell at all. I always joke around that I would love for my life to smell of lemongrass lol. Anyway I think it would be really interesting to try this out and see. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m with you on the love of lemongrass, it’s so super tasty and smells just wonderful!

  3. Wow, who knew a cayenne hair loss treatment makes your roots stronger, prevents hair fall, and increases hair growth? This is amazing and chalk full of great, natural ingredients. I also like that you rinse it out and not leave it in for the greasiness. Another great review on what looks to be a good hair loss product!

  4. Ooh Penelope, this sounds like an awesome product! That is a very attractive, beautiful sounding, crap free ingredients list there. Exact what I like. Looks like it’s curly girl friendly too, even better. With such positive feedback this is a perfect product for anyone looking to fight hair loss naturally without harming their health. Excellent review, as always 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, and yeah, it’s curl friendly! I’m always on the lookout for products that are, since I have semi-curly hair and have been trying to cultivate it more in the definitely curly direction.

  5. Interesting you learn something new everyday and now I know cayenne pepper prevents hair loss! How long would the average bottle last you?

    • I think the answer to your question depends on how many areas are suffering from hair loss. If just a few spots, my guess is that this would last a good six months. if entire scalp, probably more like a couple months. Which is still pretty good value for a $30ish dollar product. thanks for the great question, Kourtney!

  6. Oh, I am really glad I found this information! I have been on Medrol for several months. I recently stopped taking it and it has had devastating affects on my hair. I have literally lost about half of my hair. I did some research, and sure enough this is what Medrol can do. Now I am ready to try anything to get my hair back. I have bought Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, taking hair supplements and keeping my hair conditioned. I am definitely going to give the Cayenne Hair loss treatment. Do you know if it removes the DHT? Thanks!

    • There are lots of DHT Blockers in this serum, which is one reason I’m giving it such a positive recommendation. Thank you for sharing your experience with hair loss and I’m SO sorry to hear you have medication-induced hair loss. The good news is that your hair loss is recent. This means your follicles are still alive and you can bring them back. If it had been a couple years, there would honestly be less hope. Now is the time for you to be SUPER aggressive and make sure you do a supplement, a serum, DHT Blocking shampoo, and collagen powder! Come back and let us know how your treatment is going and how your experience is with this Cayenne serum!!

    • Hi Matt’s Mom!! Like you, I am suffering sudden and massive medication-induced hair loss. It began a little over a month ago, and like you – lost 1/2 my hair and probably more. I am desperate, too! And devastated! I was always unsatisfied with my hair, but now I wish I could eat all those gripes and complaints. What I wouldn’t give to have my hair back. Actually, I’d be happy if it would just stop falling out! At the rate I’ve been losing it, I don’t know how there is still anything left. It’s scary. So far my arsenal includes the following: Nutrafol supplement; bone broth, collagen in my smoothies; far-infrared sauna (when able – it’s very time-consuming for me); near-infrared light to scalp; rosemary, peppermint, & lavender essential oils; and I’m awaiting my first shipment of Shapiro MD caffeine & DHT-blocking shampoo & conditioner. Now I am interested in this cayenne treatment as well as the HairMax Laser Comb. I want to implement every tool I possibly can, and I only wish I’d realized sooner that this wasn’t going to stop after just a week or just a month. Your comment is the first one I’ve seen by someone else who is dealing with medication-induced hairloss. Also, our timing is similar. I would love to keep up with each others’ progress.

  7. It’s great to learn about all the benefits Cayenne Pepper has for hair treatment. I can honestly say I have never heard about this product before but based on your detailed review I have now a pretty good idea what it’s about. I’m looking forward to using plant-based products rather than chemicals in my hair. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. Very informative post which addresses quite actual issues with our hair. The post is well-structures, clear and concise, and the most important things are highlighted. Titles and subtitles are visual, and it makes the navigation through the post very simple and easy. The content is clear, easy to read and understand. All the images are good quality and relevant to the topic of the discussion. I read the post and I learnt new useful things. Thank you. It was valuable experience

  9. This sounds crazy considering its a pepper but that is pretty cool. I know a girl who sheds a ton of hair?
    Wouldn’t this product burn your scalp? Just seems crazy to me.

    Either way awesome post.

    I am going to share it with my friend. She would love to see your reply to the question I asked for sure 🙂

    • HI James, thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts. “burn” might be too harsh of a word, but tingle seems just about right. I think as long as people follow the instructions and wash it out after 20 minutes, everything should be hunky doory!

  10. Who knew that cayenne pepper had other purposes other then melting your taste buds? This is a great review and I’m sure it’s not common knowledge. Thank you for this very informative article

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Davona. I am a BIG fan of the mighty chili pepper in my foods, and it’s awesome to see another application that’s just as healthy.

  11. This is really interesting. Since having my kids my hair hasn’t been the same and it has been thinning like crazy. I’ll definitely have to try this. Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kasey. Pregnancy and childbirth can totally throw our hormones and hair norms out of whack, you’re not alone. If you do try this, come back and let us know how it worked out for you!

  12. I have used cayenne pepper products before and they truly work!
    At first i was unsure if CP was the way to go, i was afraid it might caused me a rash or something worse since my skin is super sensitive, but it didn’t, au contraire, it made wonders!
    It’s the first time i see or hear of this botanical formula, but again i’m impressed with the ingredients it has, plus i learned in more detail about them with other of the products you have reviewed.
    Thank you for the awesome review! I will keep coming for more!

    • Thanks for reading and sharing more about your previous experiences using Cayenne pepper products. I’ve done the “master cleanse” a few times, which is a cayenne pepper lemonade fast. That stuff absolutely heals intestinal issues. It’s awesome to learn it also does wonders for topical issues!

  13. Wow, this stuff is remarkable, and I love your kitchen sink analogy :-). I guess you are right, if you throw everything at it then you may just find the ingredient that works for you. That’s a long list of fantastic oils in there, and some I’d never even heard of or stock in the herbal apothecary where I work, so I’m going to look into them further.
    Since I’ve been following some of your advice I have really started to see an improvement in my hair growth in the last 3 months so thanks for that. I think I will add some cayenne to my usual rosemary and argan oil treatment to see if it stimulates more hair growth and then I may give this awesome product a try!

    • Thanks for your feedback and sharing your thoughts! I’m also thrilled to hear that you’ve seen an improvement in hair growth over the last three months, my dream is a world full of successfully hairy women hahahah! I think I may also buy this one and add it to my regimen, just because it sounds like such a great product and the price point is reasonable. Come back and let us know how it works for you!

  14. I love the Cayenne Hair treatment so far! Just one day, but my hair tingled for hours which to me makes it feel like it is working. The smell is kind of nice actually, a cinnamon smell. I wasn’t expecting that. I will keep you posted on how it helps.

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