The 2 Best Castor Oils for Hair Growth: Benefits, Uses, Etc

If your elders insist on describing how things were done “in the good old days,” don’t dismiss their wisdom, especially if they recommend a remedy that has solved health problems for centuries: castor oil.

Far from tasty, castor oil became a legendary solution to all sorts of aches and pains over time, prescribed by grandmothers who always kept plenty in their first aid arsenals.

Given its long history of use—and today’s era of “everything old is new again”-- castor oil is once again in the curative spotlight, but its role has expanded.

It’s become the latest remedy for restoring hair loss and there are plenty of believers who give it credit for clearing up acne, minimizing stretch marks and even nourishing eyelashes.

All of these problems are big news these days. No wonder castor oil enjoys such renewed popularity.

Another popular item to help with hair growth is a laser comb.



jamaican black castor oil reviews

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
- Tropic Isle Living


home health pure castor oil reviews

100% Pure Castor Oil
- Home Health


​What is Castor Oil?

​The answer to that question depends upon where the castor oil plant, Ricinus Communis, comes from.

In some parts of the world, it’s a tree capable of reaching 40 feet. In another, it comes from a plant, that grows to 15 feet or a 4- to 5-foot bush. 

Why the difference?

Because evolution, planting areas, soil conditions, mutations and weather all impact natural development.

​That said, trees, plants and shrubs all share a commonality: sacs that hide the secret to castor oil: Seeds. They can be large or small, oval or round—and since they are all toxic, even if you’re desperate to grow hair, eating a handful isn’t the way to do it.

Once seeds ripen, oil is extracted by either decoction or expression.

In the first, heat is used; in the second, a cold draw process is employed. Either way, extracting the precious oils contained within these seeds is where the castor oil process starts.

Regular Castor Oil VS Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)

So, what’s the difference in the two you ask?


Regular castor oil is processed by expressing oil without using any heat. There’s a lower risk of degradation when any oil is cold-pressed, ergo the popularity of cooking oils that have not been subjected to heat-fueled extraction methods.

​Jamaica castor oil starts out as the same seed, but they’re fire roasted before extraction, which is the reason this castor oil’s fragrance is distinct. The resulting ash offers users a higher alkaline content (Ph) that not only extends beneficial clarifying results, but is capable of opening hair cuticles, too.

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair​

​What is castor oil used for?

Castor oil has a wide array of benefits and one area that it excels in, is with the hair.

The oil is rich in vitamin E and have powerful antioxidant properties to fight free radicals that can cause thinning hair.

Further, it improves blood circulation in the scalp, thereby providing better flow of nutrients to the hair follicles.

The castor oil also helps to fight scalp infections courtesy of antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which are known to inhibit hair growth and cause hair loss.

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair?

Either type delivers great results if you follow these 4 steps:

  1. Pour a small amount of castor oil into your hands.
  2. Distribute the oil thoroughly, so hair is coated from scalp and root to tip.
  3. Allow the oil to soak in from 15 to 20 minutes before you shampoo.
  4. If your hair loss situation is dire, leave the castor oil in your hair overnight, wrapping your head in a towel to avoid linen stains. Shampoo on the morning.

​Other Castor Oil Uses

Grow your eyelashes

castor oil for eye

If you think the hair on your head is the only beneficiary of castor oil treatments, sit down. Eyelashes too can be affected by environmental assaults and physiological changes to the body. It works well with eyebrows too.

If your eyelashes could use a boost because they’re sparse, why spend money on expensive remedies when you’ve already got a solution at hand?

Castor oil pampers eyelashes and stimulates new growth by hydrating and strengthening lashes. Cator oil delivers a combination of antibacterial fighters, proteins, minerals and vitamin E to heal lash areas while fighting inflammations that can block growth.

Rehabiliate your lashes by following these 5 steps:

  1. Cleanse your face and remove all eye makeup.
  2. Before bed, use an eyeliner brush to distribute castor oil along lash baselines.
  3. Remove the oil in the morning using a makeup remover or your own methods.
  4. Give your eyelashes TLC; don’t rub or pull lashes or you'll discourage new growth.
  5. Follow this eyelash-nourishing step nightly for from 2 to 3 weeks to see results.

Promote Healthy Skin

The world's a grimy place, so even if you kissed goodbye your teenage bumps, you could experience new skin breakouts later in life. According to both “Foundations of Nursing” and “Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practices” publications, castor oil has also proven effective in treating problem skin in people of all ages.​

At first blush, an application of castor oil might seem counterintuitive.

Who treats oily skin with oil?

Well, you do. But it has to be the right oil.

To make a frontal assault on the skin issue that's been plagueing you, follow this protocol to restore your complexion to its former healthy state:

  1. Splash your face with warm water to open your pores.
  2. Use a gentle facial cleanser to get rid of unhealthy oil, dirt and grime.
  3. Splash your face with cold water to re-close those pores.
  4. Wet a cloth with warm water and apply a dime-size dollop of castor oil to the cloth.
  5. Work the oil into your skin using gentle circular strokes. Focus on outbreak areas.
  6. Give the castor oil at least 15 minutes to soak in. If you need more intense therapy, allow the oil to do its thing overnight, gently washing it with cleanser in the morning.

Eliminate Stretch Marks From Pregnancy

Childbirth is a miracle, but what happens to a woman’s body while she’s growing that cuddly bundle of joy is rarely cause for celebration.

Ask any mom what she would do differently during pregnancy and expect to hear, “I’d like to avoid stretch marks!”

If we had a solution to that dilemma, you could count on us to bring that product to you in a heartbeat, but until then, we’d like to tell you about how an affordable bottle of pure castor oil can make a difference in the way your belly skin heals.

Massage stretch mark areas liberally with castor oil, cover with a thin cotton wrap or cloth and relax 15 minutes while the oil works. In a rush? Use a heating pad to speed the oil’s absorption, but if you’re like most moms, 15 minutes of “me” time can be as beneficial to your psyche as castor oil is to your skin.

As with all botanicals, not every user’s skin reacts to castor oil treatments in the same way, so if you’ve had sensitivities or reactions to products in the past, test a small area of your skin or scalp before you indulge. 

As A Laxative and Ease Constipation

It’s an indelicate subject—one you may find hard to discuss with your doctor—but your body’s inner workings are as important as the way you look. Your hair may be long. Your eyelashes healthy; your skin an ad for the latest complexion miracle that’s hit the market.

But if your plumbing is in disarray, how will you enjoy these benefits?

As you’ve probably already guessed, you can treat your rumbling tummy, diarrhea or the constipation that leaves you crabby and out of sorts at home using castor oil, the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract miracle worker that’s been around forever.

It’s always advisable to check with your doctor if your constipation is chronic and has begun to affect your lifestyle, but trying granny’s castor oil solution could correct a temporary problem.

Follow WebMD’s advice before you grab a spoon and your castor oil: Read the bottle’s label carefully and use recommended guidelines to assess the right amount for your age, size and medical condition.

Castor oil works best if your stomach is empty and importantly, use a measuring spoon not a regular spoon to measure your dose.

If you feel the same way about the taste of castor oil as you did as a kid, mix the recommended amount of oil into juice and then down your medicinal brew. It can take up to 12 hours to work, so no promising that you’ll show up at the family barbecue later that day. As always, if you sense something’s wrong, call your doctor.

Castor Oil Side Effects

The most common side effects experienced after ingesting castor oil to treat constipation are stomach and/or abdominal pains, nausea, cramping or diarrhea. These reactions are uncomfortable but probably not life-threatening, especially if your doctor gave you the go ahead to try using castor oil.

That stated, if, after the castor oil has begun to work its way through your GI system, and you experience dizziness, heart palpitations, vomiting, cramped muscles, a rash, mood change or your urine output decreases, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call the doctor.

​For using the oil on your hair, there have been cases of scalp irritations and allergies. So please consult a doctor to rectify first before using it.


Black Castor Oil should not be taken orally. 

It is mainly used for the hair and skin.

Is Castor Oil Safe?

Authoritative agencies from the United States Food and Drug Administration to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization attest to the safety of castor oil.

The only thing that is toxic are the castor beans that produces the oil. Ricin is an organic part of the seed and is poisonous so it should never be consumed.

The people who are at risk are the workers who handle the extraction, but they are in safe environments so it is unlikely for ricin to be transferred to the oil during the extraction process. It is given to say that you shouldn't handle the beans yourself. 

The castor oils that you see in the stores are safe.​

Where To Buy Castor Oil​?

Thanks to castor oil's popularity, finding both black and regular types is easy.

Start your search at health food stores, retail pharmacies; any shop that stocks essential oils will likely sell it.

As a result of castor oil's recent fame, you’ll likely be confronted with too many choices, and since social scientists say humans are incapable of deciding after being confronted with 7 choices, there are multiple reasons to stick to an online retailer like Amazon to secure your supply.

Final Verdict

There’s much to be said about a product that’s all-natural, affordable and has so many uses. Helping grow your hair is just one of the benefits of keeping castor oil around to minister to both internal and external physical conditions.

Whether you use it to improve your hair or eyelash volume, clear up your skin, reduce the appearance of post-maternity stretch marks or rectify gastro-intestinal distress, you would have to search long and hard for one product that offered so many remedies.

Additionally, it's almost impossible to be hit by a bad case of buyer’s remorse, because if you buy castor oil to solve one dilemma and it doesn’t work for you, you will likely find that it does an amazing job solving another physical problem that pops up.

You might call this a miracle in a bottle, and you wouldn’t be the first to do so.

​The Best Castor Oils for Hair

The following are the 2 best castor oils that we've reviewed. One is the black jamaican castor oil and the other is a 100% pure, cold-pressed castor oil.​

For hair growth, most users experience greater results from the black jamaican oil. Do note that the black oil should not be consumed.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil from Tropic Isle Living

jamaican black castor oil reviews

What’s not to love? Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) is so concentrated, only a dab is necessary to achieve great results and even if you apply a dab to your scalp several times a day, it’s going to take a very long time to use up even a small bottle or jar of this thick, enriched hair or skin remedy.

Mix it with other essential oils if a straight application of castor oil elicits a reaction, and whether your unique hair loss problem is profound or just annoying, BJCO makes a great alternative to pricey Minoxidil or Latisse that require prescriptions.

By the way, black jamaican castor oil products are equal opportunity pleasers: it matters not what your gender, age or the severity of your problem may be.

This one comes to you with everything but a palm tree, a rum drink and a desert island percussion band

100% Pure, Cold-Pressed Castor Oil from Home Health

home health pure castor oil reviews

What differences can you expect if you choose 100-percent Cold-pressed castor oil as your remedy for all things in need of softening?


First, if BJCO caused you a reaction, the pure, cold-pressed version may not because this oil has slightly different properties as a result of not having those original seeds roasted.

While the cold-pressed version is used most often as an emollient oil that softens and nourishes skin, it can also help you with your hair restoration issues.

One faithful user says that her sparse eyebrows were treated with this oil for a month and within two weeks, her eyebrows were darker and thicker. It didn’t work for her skin issues, but she doesn’t care.

The hair growth benefits she enjoys have made her a loyal user.

Get started on your own journey with this popular recommendation.

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