Biotin 10,000mcg with Coconut Oil – Great Product for Hair Regrowth

Overview – What is Biotin?

Biotin is a natural compound that helps our bodies strengthen and regrow hair and nails. It is one of the best vitamins for hair growth on the market.

Biotin improves the density of the hair follicle, which makes it stronger and less likely to fall out.

It also helps prevent hair loss through day to day activities like hair brushing and pulled-back hairstyles, which unfortunately is all too common, for any of us who know what a full brush of hair looks like just after one brushing.

A Compound, What’s That?

Biotin is a specific type of B-vitamin.  

B vitamins play a key role in cell metabolism, cell generation, and cell energy. They help convert what we eat into something we can use as fuel.

Without B vitamins, we can’t get what we need from the food we eat. In the case of the specific B vitamin Biotin, it converts amino acids and fats into something our bodies can use for nail and hair regrowth.

B Vitamins, a closer look:

There are 8 B vitamins in total, including Biotin, and they play varied roles in the body, from producing hormones that help us relax and sleep, and help us grow by regulating sex hormones like testosterone and prolactin.

The Gang of 8 B Vitamins are key players in protecting us against memory loss, regulating glucose levels, and reducing inflammation in the body.

Bottom line: when we don’t get enough B vitamins, we can’t convert micro-nutrients into fuel that our bodies can use.

OK, Get Back to the Biotin!

liver for hair health

Biotin is naturally found in some foods, but some people don’t get enough of those specific foods their diets.

Even more troubling, some people can still be below the technical “biotin deficiency” threshold and still experience symptoms of biotin deficiency.  One of these symptoms is, unfortunately, hair loss.

Biotin shows up naturally in specific food sources like animal protein, organ meats like liver (ick!), milk and eggs, brewer’s yeast, strawberries, some nuts and seeds, and avocados.

It’s important to clarify that biotin is not something our bodes just “make” naturally.

So, if our diet is lacking from these, or we are eating nutrient-poor versions of these biotin-containing foods (conventional instead of organic-grown versions of these foods and meats, for example), a biotin supplement is essential.

Without the right vitamin supplements, hair loss will continue.

Biotin supplementation is safe for the long term, but make sure to follow your doctor’s advice and dosing recommendations.

Why This Biotin Supplement?

This product has 4.5 stars on reviews (at the date of this review) from over 1,500 user reviews. That’s impressive.

It’s mathematically impossible for a bad product to achieve that number of positive user reviews on an unbiased forum like Amazon, unless that product is genuinely beneficial to a wide array of people.

coconut oil for hairOK, OK, Why Else?

This specific version of biotin is suspended in the capsules in organic virgin coconut oil, to help with biotin absorption in our bodies.

Coconut has its own huge list of health benefits, and really deserves an article all of its own, but we’ll summarize them here quickly:

  • improved metabolism;
  • potent anti-viral benefits;
  • potent anti-bacterial benefits.

But that’s another review for another day!

Because it’s an ingredient in this specific biotin supplement, you get an extra kick from the healthy organic virgin coconut oil, and you can rest easy knowing your body isn’t going to immediately “excrete” this supplement.

Is It Safe?

Vitamins often contain nasty additives and genetically-modified ingredients (GMOs), as well as fillers containing gluten. In recent history, more and more people have developed sensitivity to these things, especially gluten, even later in life.

So, even if you don’t currently have any issues with GMOs or gluten, at some point in the future it is possible that they’ll be problematic in your diet. If you’re on this Biotin supplement, it will continue to be safe for you to take in the future.

Dosage: The recommended daily maximum dose of Biotin is 10,000 mcg, which is the dose of this Biotin.

In terms of an overdose, it’s possible although extremely rare, and you’d need to basically take the entire bottle in one sitting in order to get anywhere near it.

In a therapeutic and clinical context, I’ve read studies on people with Multiple Sclerosis taking extremely high doses of biotin, to surprising benefit, but any kind of “high dose” attempt for hair loss prevention, or any other medical reason, should be cleared with your physician.

Cost – Affordable

Finally, this supplement is affordable. Under $20 gets you 120 capsules, or four months worth of daily doses of this high quality Biotin supplement.

Are there cheaper options? Sure. While the Biotin you see in the “vitamins” section of the grocery store might be a bit less expensive, it’s almost certainly not as high quality, definitely not suspended in organic virgin coconut oil, and the bottles themselves usually contain a lower pill count.

My Experience – Yes, I Take It.

Cat paws not included. 🙂

I’ve personally been taking this supplement every day now for several months. I bought the 5,000 mcg dose and take two pills a day.

Next time I’ll be buying the 10,000mcg dose.

A friend who also has issues with unwanted thinning hair recommended this to me, and I’m so glad that she did.

It’s true, I’ve taken the cheap “grocery store” biotin in the past but honestly never noticed much impact. It was mostly just hope and a prayer that it (or anything!) would work for me.

HOWEVER, over the last few months I’ve noticed a few things:

  • My nails (normally brittle and split) have gotten much stronger. I’ve even had to start cutting them!
  • I see some regrowth in the top/side areas of my hairline which were getting balder and balder.
  • The new hair that’s growing in seems stronger, too, less like “baby hair”.

I’m optimistic about my hair continuing to regrow on this Biotin supplement. I will definitely continue to take this one instead of other Biotin vitamin supplements: hair loss is too traumatic to risk trying other brands!

The Verdict? Affordable, Safe, and Highly Recommended.

When troubleshooting your own hair loss, especially if it’s happening mysteriously and suddenly, one of the first things you should rule out is a biotin deficiency.

Even if you’re at sub-clinical levels of biotin deficiency, that wouldn’t show up on a blood count consultation with your doctor or nutritionist, and you may indeed be experiencing hair loss as a result of not getting enough Biotin in your diet.

If the list of foods that contain biotin (just scroll up to that picture of raw liver if you need a refresher) aren’t frequent players in your diet (WHAAAT, you mean you don’t have “fried kidney Tuesdays” in your house??)…a supplement is a good way to make sure you’re getting enough of this crucial nutrient for hair loss prevention.

Please reach out with any comments, questions, experiences, or thoughts about Biotin, and as always I look forward to your feedback. Thanks for reading!

32 thoughts on “Biotin 10,000mcg with Coconut Oil – Great Product for Hair Regrowth”

  1. I did not know that Biotin can help your hair grow. But I doubt that it can make a difference in bald men cases. Do you know even more expensive biotin supplements? Are there any known and unwanted side effects? Can we combine it with other vitamins and supplements or it is not recommended? Thank you!

    • Male pattern baldness is a little more complicate and stubborn, unfortunately, because the cause is more often genetic than due to lifestyle (whereas for many women, it’s often the result of something hormonal/temporary, or a major stressor or illness). That said, biotin could strengthen the hair you have remaining, and it’s also great for skin and nails. It can be safely combined with other vitamins and supplements – there are no known adverse interactions.

      Biotin overdose isn’t a common thing because the body gets rid of it quickly; you’d have to be taking A LOT before this was a problem. Symptoms of extreme biotin overdose include rashes and insomnia. This manufacturer also sells a 5,000 mg dose option for those worried about that.

      Interestingly, I’ve read about high-biotin trials for patients with multiple sclerosis that had very positive preliminary results. They were taking *300,000 mcg* a day in a controlled study.

  2. I knew that biotin was good for hair and nails; but didn’t know it would spur regrowth. I have taken biotin in the past with little result; but maybe I didn’t have high enough mcg.

    I do use coconut oil for cooking and a teaspoon in my morning coffee. Gives me more energy.

    My hair is thinning and the ends break; so I probably should be taking something like this to help fortify it. Also. I like liver and onions. I probably should eat more of it.

    By the way; I really wanted the cat paws. Are you sure they aren’t included?

    Thanks for a great review.


    • Haha, hi Jeannine, thanks for the comment! And my cat is flattered 🙂

      Funny how there was wisdom to the liver and onions meal of old, eh? It’s looking more and more like these organ meats are true superfoods! What I like about this supplement is that I saw results, and clearly other people do too…my nails not breaking in particular was the most noticeable immediate change.

      take care and thanks again,


  3. Thank you for this informative article on this product, I am a big believer and user of several supplements and have experienced a difference in my life by using them.

    I do not have a need for this product, but I do like how you shared your own personal experience which gives me more trust in this product if it was something I needed to use to improve myself.

  4. Hi Penelope,
    Thanks for the info, This Biotin supplement looks excellent and 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon is very impressive indeed! I know this because I regularly review products on Amazon and it’s very rare to find something with such a high rating and so many customer reviews. I don’t mind taking supplements in tablet format, but is there a more natural way to do this by change of diet?
    Best, Craig

    • Hi Craig, thanks so much for the comment and question! You can definitely get biotin from foods, but there are a couple of complicating variables. First, not everyone likes or often eats biotin-rich foods (liver and organ meat, for example), and for the biotin-rich foods people do eat, many are from conventional sources which have been shown to be less nutrient dense. Less nutrient dense, in short, means contains less of the vital stuff (like biotin) that we want to get from food. So, supplements like this are a good way to fill in biotin shortages from our food intake, both in the quality and kinds of food we eat. -Penelope

  5. I live in Bali and I’ve realized I started losing more hair propably because of the sun and heat. My sister adviced me to start taking biotin supplement, but I wasnt sure if it actually helps or I could fix the prolem just by eating healthy and protecting my hair from the sun. I also went vegan a year ago and realized I should start taking multi B vitamin supplement. If I get enough All of the different B vitamins, do I need to take a separate biotin supplement?

    • Thanks for the great comment. it’s possible that just turning vegan actually kickstarted the hair loss; this happens in 35% of women who become vegans. My strong recommendation is that you take a b vitamin supplement, the biotin supplement, and also a vegan source of silica, which is the building-block of collagen, which we need in abundance for healthy skin and hair and nails. It’s just hard to get enough of all of these things in a vegan diet. Also: go light on the soy (which interferes with thyroid function and can cause hair loss), and heavy on the beans and nuts for protein!!

  6. As a former stylist and something I loved doing this would be my #1 suggestion over so many that are just topical. Our hair grows from the inside so it only makes sense to put something inside that will help. There are always more new topical grow hair products that just do not work. Think about this for just a moment. If hair dye and bleach cannot penetrate the scalp how could something topical grow your hair? It might strengthen it but I am highly doubtful on the new growth. Mind you I have to say I have heard of men using Rogaine and seeing some new results. I still prefer a more natural way so this gets a 9/10 from me. Great articles on the other products. Anything natural going on the hair is an improvement over harsh chemicals.

    • thank you for the great comment, I appreciate your perspective as someone experienced with all kinds of hair! I agree with you – hair loss techniques that don’t address our needs from the inside just aren’t capable of solving the whole issue. as you said, our hair grows from the inside and that’s where we need to start.

  7. Thank for this review. This sounds like a great supplement. I used to take Nutricap for hair growth a couple of years ago when I severely damaged my hair by overprocessing it and I wasn’t sure if it really did anything. My hair still kept on breaking and falling. 3 years later my hair is in a way better state but I still get lots of splits ends and some breakage even though I only colour my roots these days. Do you think this supplement would be ok for me to take or is there another that you can recommend?

    • Thanks for the question – I think Biotin would be perfect for you since your goal now is to strengthen your hair. I would start with the 10,000mcg a day, and then see where you are in 6 weeks. If you’ve seen enough improvement, that’s the answer! If you are still having issues, there may be more at play (including hormonal causes), so your next step is a DHT blocker – click that link to see the one I recommend. thanks and good luck!

  8. i had heard a lot of buzz about biotin but i though it was a gimmick. I will have to rethink this. I have an autoimmune disease that makes it difficult to swallow capsules, does biotin come in any other form? If I was to bite them, is the taste strong? I was hoping . the coconut flavour would be the most prevalent taste.

    • That’s a great question. Biotin comes in liquid that you can ingest sublingually or with a drink. These pills are small – the small, football shaped ones – but if you have issues with swallowing I would suggest the liquid as an alternative.

  9. Wow, this seems like a really good dal at $20 for four months, or basically $5 per month. But I do have a question. I actually have VERY thick hair, but I don’t eat a lot of protein, so I am considering supplements. If I don’t need the hair growth part is this still a good supplement for me?

    • That’s an excellent question, thanks for asking! Biotin is also terrific for skin and nail health, and I don’t know anything else about your situation, but I do know most of us women want stronger nails and clearer firmer skin. Biotin brings it!

  10. I’ve always heard biotin being good for hair. Another comprehensive unbiased and trustworthy review. I wish I knew this product many years ago. I would’ve definitely buy it for my dad. My dad is now bald. Do you think this product could help him ?

    • Hi Hong, biotin could help him with his skin, nail, and existing hair health but if he’s been long bald, it will not bring his hair back from the dead. Only follicles that are weakened but not fully dead can be brought back. When you’re losing your hair, you have a short window of time to rescue it. Sad, but true!

  11. I have been telling people about biotin for years! But nobody listens. Now my friend is gonna freak out, because once I tell him about biotin and that it can reverse his thinning hair he will have no choice but to heed my words. =)

  12. What a nice article. You have shared a really nice collection of information about vit B, biotin and hair fall and everything related to this issue. I always like to read your articles regarding hair fall and share with other people as well…

  13. I have done a lot of research on Biotin but have looked for a reliable supplement. I tried Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nail, and it didn’t seem to work, but I think my body didn’t absorb it. If coconut oil can help with absorption I would love to give it a try. I do know that taking certain supplements together can help with absorption some I am very optimistic about this product. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new product and proving a lot of details to help me make a purchase.

    • Thanks for the comment, Melissa! Biotin is so crucial but we have to take it in a high quality form – most of the time, the grocery store brands like Nature’s Bounty just don’t cut the mustard. Try this out and let us know how it works for you!

  14. Hi Penelope
    I had never heard of biotin before so thank you for the clear and succinct explanation of it. I do like the fact that this product doesn’t just seem to improve hair loss but improves the condition of your nails as well. Will definitely be looking into this product further. Thanks again.


    • Hi Megan – thanks for the feedback! Yup, hair, skin, & nails all benefit from more absorbable biotin in the body. Supplementing is a good call because most of us simply don’t get enough in our food. 🙂

  15. Wow, I know biotin is good for hair regrowth, but it is really amazing to see this product with coconut oil goodness and gluten free, what else can we ask for, best thing about this product is, it is very very effective as we can see the ingredients plus it is cost effective and we can afford it very easily. Great share….thank you:)

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this review! I agree, it’s better to take a high quality Biotin supplement like this, with the bonus of taking in coconut oil every day!

  16. Can you take this supplement and the Propidren together? You also advertise on this site Grogenix. Is that better than Propidren and Biotin by Sports Research. I am thinning horribly and need to start on something. I believe this is an inside job and shampoo alone will not cut it which leads to my last question. Which shampoo along with any of the above work well. I am on Purador not sure I like it. Is Grogenix the best or do you recommend Rogaine.

    Helplessly Confused,

    • Hello Skye, the truth is, no shampoo or topical product is really going to make that much of a difference to your hair. There are bigger things at play here, such as hormones and nutrition. With that said, the Grogenix range is the best in the world, so if you’re choosing between products, choose them.

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