Best Vitamins for Hair Loss: Hair Growth Products That Work

Vitamins Help Hair Loss: True or False?

Numerous studies show that vitamin deficiency & hair loss do go hand in hand.

While there are causes of female hair loss that have nothing to do with nutrition, you can’t really get away from that old saying, “you are what you eat”.

We may not be chomping down on vitamins at mealtime, so it sounds a little weird to think of them as food, but they are. They provide nutrition to our cells and tissues, and facilitate waste removal.

Our skin and scalp cells require a host of vitamins to bring nourishment to hair follicles and carry away waste products, to keep them growing and healthy.

The presence of vitamins in our diet plays a direct role in how our hair looks – strong, vibrant, voluminous, or weak, brittle, dry, and flat. Which would you choose?

What do Vitamins do?

handfull of pills

Overall, vitamins and minerals boost the immune system, support normal growth and development, and help individual cells and organs do what they’re supposed to do.

  • Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the body’s fatty tissue. There are four fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, and K. These are absorbed more easily by the body in the presence of dietary fat.
  • There are nine water soluble vitamins. The body must use water soluble vitamins right away.  Any leftover water soluble vitamins leave the body through the urine. Vitamin B12 is the only water soluble vitamin that can be stored in the liver for many years.

Which Vitamins Help Hair Loss?

The best vitamins and minerals for hair loss are:

The best and most studied herbal ingredients to support hair loss include:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Licorice Root
  • Aloe Vera
  • Rosemary
  • Nettle
  • Ginseng
  • Burdock
  • Basil
  • Horsetail
  • Fo-ti
  • Pepper

So, when we evaluate which vitamins help hair loss, we look for those that contain these key ingredients.

Generally speaking, the vitamins nourish and support the cells for their metabolic needs, while the herbal ingredients play a role in blocking DHT (the hormone responsible for hair loss in most of us) and improving and minimizing inflammation in the body.

Vitamins for Hair Loss in Women

girl with banksWomen who are losing hair or experiencing thinning hair benefit by using supplements that contain herbal ingredients that combat stress, DHT, and supplement our natural stores of collagen.

But you want examples, right? So…without further ado…the list!

Top 5 Best Vitamins for Hair Loss

1) Nutrafol

Nutrafol is my favorite hair loss supplement available today. It is a bit pricey, but my own hair loss has been so distressing that I’m willing to cut back on my daily $5 coffees to make it a regular part of my supplement routine.

Nutrafol brings something unique to the table – patented herbal ingredients that block DHT, combat stress, and bolster our skin and hair with marine collagen.

Nutrafol was developed and designed by a male model who had been prescribed Propecia for his hair loss, but was unhappy with the sexual side effects.

Nutrafol is the result of a decade of research and there is a variation for men, and another, different formulation for women, which I feel reflects the reality of our different needs.

2) Viviscal Extra Strength

Viviscal is an established and popular supplement for hair loss for women. Unlike most of these products, it’s quite affordable.

What makes Viviscal special is its own patented marine collagen compound, AminoMar™.  It also features Biotin (essential for skin and hair support), Zinc, Vitamin C, Horsetail Extract and Iron.

Viviscal is promoted to help with both hair regrowth and to strengthen existing hair, which is a concern for many women who observe that their hair is brittle, dry, breaks easily, or just looks thin and not full and vibrant.

3) Propidren

Propidren is a supplement that contains many herbal ingredients that block our arch enemy DHT. It also contains iron, zinc, and biotin.

The herbal ingredients that pull Propidren’s punch are Fo-ti, Saw Palmetto, Horsetail extract, and even green tea extract. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews on, with nearly 300 total reviews and an average 4.5/5 star rating.

It’s also in the middle range of affordability for a monthly supply.

4) Hairfluence

Hairfluence by Zhou Nutrition is one of the most affordable quality hair loss supplements available. It features a large dose of biotin, keratin, folate, thiamine, and a number of other vitamins.

Hairfluence is a straight-up vitamin and mineral-based approach to strengthening hair from the inside.

What stands out is its popularity. Hairfluence has more reviews online than any other product I’ve described here, with well over 3200 reviews at the time of this post, and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on

People who use it say it takes about a month to notice a difference but that it helps considerably, making hair stronger, longer, and fuller.

5) Ultrax Hair Rush

ultrax vitaminI’m a fan of the hugely popular Ultrax Surge shampoo and Ultrax Plush treatment serum. Completing the trifecta is the supplement offering by the very same folks at Ultrax.

Ultrax Rush contains solubolized keratin, 23 essential vitamins for hair health, and herbal DHT blockers. It has been formulated to meet the needs of both men and women.

The addition of solubolized keratin is what makes Ultrax Hair Rush distinctive. Solubolized keratin a form of keratin that is highly bioavailable and provides hair with much-needed protein building blocks.

None of the other supplements I’ve recommended, even those containing keratin, contain this form of keratin.

Ultrax Hair Rush reviews online are overwhelmingly favorable, with over 3,000 reviews on at this time, and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

For those of you OCD enough to want all your products to “match”, pick up a bottle and use it with your Ultrax Hair Surge and your Ultrax Plush!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tidy little run-down of the hair loss supplements that I’ve come to know all about and recommend.

The internet is a maze of information and if this has steered you in the right direction, I’ve done my job for the day.

Any thoughts or feedback? Your questions, ideas, and ramblings are always welcome…leave a comment below!

Yours in all things hair,


32 thoughts on “Best Vitamins for Hair Loss: Hair Growth Products That Work”

  1. Just a question, will these help with women with post-partum hairloss? I have a lot of fellow mothers who are concerned with hair loss after pregnancy. I guess I may be one of the lucky few who do not go through it, but I would love to recommend the above products to those in need.

    • Great question, Mimie! Yes, hormonal imbalance is a leading cause of hair loss in women, and this includes post-partum hairloss as well as menopause. Any of these supplements, especially Nutrafol, can help stem the tide and reverse some of the damage.

  2. This is a great list of supplements good for hair loss. I currently take quite a few of them for other reasons. So now I know I get extra benefits with them 🙂 I would really love to have my thick hair back, that would be great. Do you know how long I would have to have been taking the supplements to notice a change in hair? Is this something that has to build up in my system, and then start working?

    • Great question. Most of these hair loss products will take time before you see results, due to the cyclical nature of hair shedding and growth. I recommend that you give any product a good six weeks, and this includes supplements.

  3. I take multi-vitamins already but it doesn’t seem to help with my hair loss, I thought that they had everything in them would I get more benefit from just taking the nutrafol or the viviscal? Would they be ok to take together or should I try them both on their own?

    • Hi Matthew – I would recommend trying these supplements one at a time rather than in combination. Great question, though! Start with Nutrafol for men – that seems to do the trick. It was designed and meticulously researched by a male model who didn’t like the sexual side effects of propecia.

  4. As someone with a family member who has struggled with hair loss for many years, I particularly found the information and advice about some of the natural remedies available really useful.
    I will definitely pass the information on for her to check out.

  5. Hi Penelope! I learned so much! One question I have is, I have been losing a bit of hair lately and I think it has to do with peri-menopause. Is there a recommendation you might have for us in this age group? My good friend has this problem as well, so I am going to send her this link. Great info!

    • Yes, women usually lose hair during periods of hormonal spikes (childbirth, menopause, peri-menopause, various endocrine disorders including thyroid disorder). All of these are good for any age group – none are designed for any one group in fact. THanks for passing along the info!

  6. Great info, Penelope! I had no idea supplements and herbals would help this condition. I’m thinning a bit at the temple, and hoping to try something a bit more natural and less hype-y. Thanks for this post and blog!

  7. I love the idea of taking vitamins, but I also take prescription medication. Do you think it’s a good idea to take vitamins as well?

  8. I have heard of viviscal and had done some research on it when I was pregnant. I see another poster mentioned postpartum hair loss and that is exactly why I was looking into this product. Since I do not wash my hair everyday, it is nice to know that they provide supplements that can be taken daily. Thanks for the information!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Supplements are a must in any hair regrowth endeavor. Topical stuff is important but hair health has both external and internal causes!

  9. Hi Penelope,
    I had hairloss periods approximately 4-6 months after giving birth. I have two kids, so this happened both times. I wish I had known about these products at that time. It was terrible for a while. Thanks for sharing the info!

  10. I have changed shampoo after straightening my hair and now I am dealing with hair breakage.
    I have been looking into vitamins and supplements at the drugstore and bought multivitamins for the moment. Reading your article I think a hair supplement would help me, I was thinking maybe ultrax hair rush? To be honest I am a little afraid of buying supplements online. What has been your experience so far?

    • I buy supplements online all the time, but I go through which is a trustworthy vendor available most places in the world. Most drugstore vitamins are crap – they’ve been on the shelf way too long, and they’re mostly rancid oils, sawdust, and fillers. It’s much better to get a medical grade, quality supplement from the internet or even a supplement store.

  11. Thank you ever so much for your top 5 vitamin recommendations for hair loss. I am more than familiar with Viviscal, as I used it for over a year. I stopped, I must admit, as I found it made my hair healthier – no shadow of a doubt – but did not increase it in quantity. I have always had thin hair, hair that lacks volume, and for this reason I have gone to a short cut since 2013, in an effort to gain volume. But I lost hair on the very top of my head a few years ago and, no matter what I tried, that hair does not seem to want to come back. Do you recommend I should use one of the other products? or should I start on Viviscal and keep using it for longer?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with Viviscal, Giulia! I’m happy to hear it made your hair healthier and not so happy to hear you didn’t experience new growth. I think you should try Nutrafol, and a low level laser device. Try them in combination religiously, for at least four months, and see if you notice a difference. It depends on whether your follicles are dead or merely dormant. is there any hair at all – vellus or baby hair? At any rate, given how much time has passed, you will need to act aggressively now with simultaneous treatments.

  12. Did you notice an increase in hair shed/fall with any of these vitamins when you first started? I tried Nutrafol for 3 weeks and my shed increased dramatically. I’m wondering if it was coinceodence, but my shed had pretty much slowed to normal for almost 6 months.

    • Actually, it’s common to see an increase in shedding initially. When your hair loss treatment stimulates the hair follicles, providing further nourishment and encouraging regrowth, and once these new hairs start to grow, they push out the old, thinning hairs which is why you may start to lose more hair than normal.

      The shedding stage doesn’t happen to everyone, but when it does, it can last between two and four weeks, as the new hairs make their way through as a normal part of the hair growth cycle.

      Hope this helps, thanks for the great comment!

  13. Hair loss and thinning is such an emotional thing for both men and women. The information about what vitamins and herbs actually work is so helpful. I’m interested in the Ultrax products, they look very effective. I also heard that the thyroid can be an issue for hair loss too, any thoughts?

    • Thanks for the comment, Linda! Yes, the thyroid is exactly why my hair has been such an issue. The most commonly prescribed thyroid medication, Levothyroxine, can cause hair loss. That, and a body struggling to maintain itself metabolically tends to let ancillary things like skin and hair health fall by the wayside. The Ultrax products are among my favorites, I’ve used and reviewed several of them – shampoo, serum, and hair mask. thanks for reading!

  14. I just have a question, I have taken hair supplements before (not for hair loss), but I find that some of them has a horrible smell. Do you know if this is the case with any of the ones on your list?
    I don’t suffer from hair loss but based on the reviews on Amazon, there is a noticeable difference for most find the vitamins makes their hair stronger, longer, and fuller. I think this is a good idea for me, because I have excessive breakage from too much chemical such as hair dyes.

    • I think you might be talking about the stinky mighty B vitamin! All of the supplements on this list are gelcaps, so little to no smell luckily! Great question. And yes, hair loss vitamins are a specialty niche and tend to be higher quality, because the people who make them know we consumers have many choices!

  15. I have read your review of number 4 Hairfluence. My hair is starting to thin around my hairline in the front because I started to wear a wig when I go in public so I was thinking about taking a supplement. I am glad I have received so much valuable information from your site.

    • You should absolutely take a supplement, because wigs can endanger your scalp health and circulation. People have great luck with Hairfluence, give it a shot!

  16. Do you know anything about New Chapter’s Perfect Hair Skin and Nails? I asked my holistic pharmacist if he had any recommendations and he said people seem to really like that. The ingredients don’t tell me much:

    Biotin (from culture media) 300 mcg 100%
    Organic Haematococcus pluvialis algae
    Astaxanthin 4 mg 120 mg *
    Organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidium, Ling zhi)
    (mycelium and fruiting bodies) 100 mg *
    Stress and Energy Support Blend (from culture media)
    Organic Schizandra (berry), Organic Maca (root), Organic Chamomile (flower) 56.2 mg *
    Digestive Support Blend (from culture media)
    Organic Aloe (leaf), Organic Peppermint (leaf), Organic Coriander (seed), Organic Cardamom (fruit), Organic Artichoke (leaf) 37.5 mg

    • Hi Joanne! I don’t know anything about this supplement but from what you’ve listed, it has some promising ingredients, including mushroom fibers (mycelium). I had to google Astaxanthin – it’s an antioxidant pigment found in marine life. so if you have a shellfish allergy this supplement would be a definite no-go. I’ve never seen coriander or cardamom in a hair loss product. It has a 3.5/5 on, from 56 reviews, which isn’t bad…most importantly for you, there’s no Saw Palmetto, so it would hopefully not have the same hormonal effects. If you decide to try it, come back and let me know if it helps!

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