5 Best Laser Combs and Helmets in 2018 for Speedy Hair Growth

Are you looking for a laser comb for hair growth? Can't decide on one to choose?

Finding the best laser comb takes time.

In this review, we make your decision easier by including the top laser hair combs that the majority choose.

The reviews in this article are a brief outline, but they have their individual pages with even more detailed information.



iRestore reviews



igrow reviews



theradome reviews



hairmax lasercomb advanced 7 reviews

HairMax 7


hairmax professional 12 lasercomb reviews

HairMax 12


What is a Laser Comb?

In the world of hair loss products and treatments, there are many options for you to choose.

If you've heard of how laser combs can aid in hair regrowth, then this article will be very useful to you.

A laser comb uses the technology of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). The low-level light energy is transmitted using low power lasers and light emitting diodes. The energy claims to stimulate cells to function better.

This technology is infused into combs and helmets to aid in growing hair.

Over the years, numerous tests have been conducted on these laser hair combs to determine its effectiveness in hair loss. We'll discuss some of these tests later in this article.

Benefits of Using a Good Laser Comb

1. Lesser side effects

Well-known solutions to solving hair loss are known to have some form of side effects. Users have reported multiple instances of sexual side effects from FDA-approved drugs like Propecia. With laser combs, they are drug-free, free of chemicals and are safe.

2. Use concurrently with other treatments

Like many treatment options for hair loss, you can use laser combs at the same time with other options. Doing this can dramatically shorten the time for your hair to regrow back.

3. Convenience of home use

Hair salons and spas were the first to introduce LLLT for hair loss. However, they required users to travel to these places to get their treatment done. It was not only costly in the long run, but there is too much reliance on the salon.

With the introduction of laser combs, you need not undergo such inconveniences. You could use the combs at the convenience of your home while doing your favorite homely activities.

Do Laser Combs Work?

The best way to answer this question is through the numerous tests done. The top rated laser combs indicated below do have their individual researches conducted. If you wish to know more, you can look into their pages. By far, HairMax has the most amount of clinical studies done at 7.

In this study done, conclusions were made that the red light from LLLT does indeed affect how the follicles respond. The light promotes the transition of the follicles from telogen to the anagen phase. In layman terms, this meant improved hair growth.

Things to Consider While Choosing One

Helmet or Comb

The type of device you choose greatly affects how your arms tire out. With the helmets, you just need to place it on your head. However, with combs, you're required to comb through your hair which can be a hassle to some.

Although it may be just a few minutes, think about the long term use. You would need to use it daily for months or years to come.

Severity of Hair Loss

We have to admit that not all the LLLT devices are suited to everyone. They only work when there are dormant follicles. If your bald spots are smooth and shiny, without any sign of follicles, then we've got bad news for you. You may need to reconsider other options like hair transplantation.


The costs of laser hair combs are pricier than other treatments available.

But, to put you in another perspective, this is a one-time investment.

If you factor in pills that are needed to be taken in the long run and cannot be stopped, then the price can be justified.

Within the full range of laser combs available, the costs vary widely too. Of course, the more expensive the option, the better benefits you can get.

Firstly, it's important to determine a budget to purchase one, then work within that budget. You may not want to overspend on something which may not work out in the end.

Length of usage

This portion is related to the price as well. Usually, the duration of usage depends on the number of lasers diodes present in the comb or helmet. The higher that number, the faster the treatment time. And with a higher number of lasers usually come with a bigger price tag too. If you think you don't mind spending extra minutes, then you consider a more budget conscious option.

The Best Laser Combs Reviews

1. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore reviews

This medical device helps your hair grow back into a thick and fuller looking hair. It is FDA-cleared, allowing you to know it is safe and effective. It can treat hair loss and thinning hair for both men and women. It's an excellent gift for those who are concerned about losing their hair.

The iRestore has a clinical strength laser technology that allows your hair to grow back. You can use this device by itself, or combine it with other hair loss treatments. Your hair will look fuller and give back lost hair.

As you're supposed to use the device every day, you'll notice a difference as soon as 12 weeks. Though it may take up to 24 weeks for some people, it has an excellent ability to bring your hair back to life. It's refreshing knowing your hair is starting to regain its old shape and form.

The device is durable, allowing you to use it for a long time. The lightweight design prevents neck and head fatigue. It is comfortable enough that you may forget you're wearing it. The device is hands-free, allowing you to work on other things while you're wearing it. You can use it at home easily.

The device uses a low-level laser therapy treatment to promote healthy hair growth. Even if you already use a hair growth treatment, the laser hair therapy improves treatment methods. When it's combined with other treatments, your hair will look fuller and healthier. It's the ideal way to get all your hair back as you age.​


  • It works quickly
  • Results start to show early on
  • Stops excessive shedding
  • Creates a thick set of hair


  • It is expensive
  • May not work for some people

2. iGrow Hands-Free Laser LED Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth Rejuvenation

igrow reviews

This laser hair helmet has been FDA 510 cleared, making it perfectly safe to use at home. It indicates that it will help restore your hair health back to its natural state. It works for both men and women to stop hair loss, and create beautiful hair. It's ideal for those with a thinning hairline, or want to restore a healthy look to their hair.

It can increase your hair growth with usage. Two separate published peer studies have shown that hair growth does occur with using this device. In 16 weeks of treatment, 35 percent of males, and 37 percent of females had increased hair counts. The study shows that using the device can increase hair counts.

Two warranties come with the device. Apira Science includes a six-month money back satisfaction guarantee if you don't like it. There is a one-year manufacturer's warranty, allowing you to exchange it if it breaks. When you're covered, you can rest easy knowing you can get your money back if the device fails.

The device uses a low-level light therapy treatment process. It helps increase the cellular activity and promotes healthy hair growth. The device has an iPod and MP3 interface that allow you to listen to music while wearing the device. It's the best way to sit back, relax and regrow your hair back.

The device has four adjustable columns to make it fit well on anyone. It rotates the weight distribution to provide superior comfort. The headphones do extend and retract to fit anyone wearing the device. It is convenient and easy to use at home. You'll have full scalp coverage when you use this device.​


  • Creates full and thick hair
  • It's comfortable
  • Listen to music or podcasts


  • Need to be consistent
  • May not fully regrow hair

3. Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

theradome reviews

This device has been noticed for the most technologically advanced laser hair therapy. It's ideal for anyone wanting to regrow their hair at home. You can use this device per your needs to get a fuller and healthier set of hair and need not worry about hair thinning too much.

The device is wireless, allowing you to walk around while you're wearing it. It is comfortable and convenient to wear around the house. It has clinical strength results that make it one of the best laser hair helmets available. It is affordable, allowing you to save more money if you decide to go with this device.

The device is FDA-cleared, meaning it's one of the safest ways to regrow your hair. It is efficient, allowing you to see results sooner than later. It has been graded as effective for more than 97 percent of the clients that have used this device. It's ideal for anyone looking to get a full set of hair back.

All you need to do for maximum effectiveness is wear it for 20 minutes at a time. After each session, you'll start to see the results you want from this device. It's ideal for those who don't want to spend hours trying to prevent their hair loss. The device will reach the base of the hair follicles in that timeframe.


  • Ideal for men and women
  • See improvement in four months
  • Hands-free device
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Can't work for advanced baldness
  • May not work for everyone

4. HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb

hairmax lasercomb advanced 7 reviews

This device delivers nourishing lasers to your hair follicles to give your hair more fullness and health. All your hair follicles will promote new hair growth that you'll start to see the more you use it.

The device only needs to be on between 7 and 15 minutes for each session. You only need to use it three days a week, allowing you to have more free time. The device will glide over your scalp smoothly. It doesn't take too much effort to help your hair get back to normal. You will love the results this device can produce.

The device is cleared by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. No matter if you're a man or a woman, you can find this device useful for hair growth. You'll love the way you look after you've been using this device for a long time. You won't recognize yourself when you've had this helping your hair grow.

It has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and reverse the thinning process. The density of your hair is increased when you're using this device. It's ideal for anyone who wants to have a healthy set of hair like they did when they were younger.

​It works just like a comb, so you don't need to keep wearing it on your head so you can focus on other things after you get done using this device.


  • Short sessions
  • Works like a comb
  • FDA approved
  • Renews damaged hair


  • May not work for everyone

5. Hairmax LaserComb Professional 12

hairmax professional 12 lasercomb reviews

This device is lightweight and works just like a comb. It delivers lasers straight to your hair follicles to make your hair fuller and healthier.

You can start to notice the results within 12-16 weeks. You won't need to spend too much time with the comb for each session as compared to the HairMax Advanced 7 Comb. It recharges while it's on the charger, allowing you to be away from a power outlet when using the laser comb.

There's an LCD screen so you can keep track of the elapsed treatment time, which helps you stay on top of using the device. You won't need to worry about not using the comb when you can stay on top of it. It's ideal for those who need an incentive for getting their hair back.​


  • See regrowth in 4-6 months
  • Comfortable to use
  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Strengthens damaged hair follicles


  • May not work for everyone


​If you're having a difficult time with hair loss, using a laser hair comb or helmet can help your hair regrow or make it healthier.

While no product is perfect, it is the ideal way to help prevent further hair loss.

They can make your hair look fuller and healthier, which is ideal for those wanting a healthier head of hair. You can always combine the products to get the best results.

As with other treatments for hair loss, time is sensitive. The earlier you start taking action, the faster and more effective are the results. Don't wait longer till you lose more hair as it could be irreversible.

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