Best Bald Head Shavers: Hair Clippers, Electric & Manual Razors

Have you tried all options available but yet you're still losing hair? Thinking whether you should shave your head bald? Have you tried laser combs yet? They could be a lifesaver.

There is a point in time when you thought about this question. Or even if you're not experiencing hair loss, you just prefer the look of a bald head or buzzed head.

In this ultimate guide, we review the best shavers for your head, be it hair clippers, electric and manual razors.

We also include the benefits of shaving your head, comparisons and how to choose the best shaver, etc.



oster classic 76 reviews

Oster Classic 76


wahl balding clippers reviews

Wahl Professional
Balding Clipper


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Andi T-Outliner



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Skull Shaver Bald Eagle


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Wahl 5 Star Shaver



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Headblade ATX All Terrain


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Merkur 34C HD


best bald head shavers

Man or woman, shaving your head is the same for both parties. If you're here, it means that you're planning to take a plunge in shaving your head.

The benefits of shaving your head are immense.

There can be a variety of methods to shave your head but ultimately, it boils down to 3 products: hair clippers, electric and manual razors. Either of these will get the job done depending on your needs.

When to shave your head?

When you've exhausted all options available to grow your hair back, and you feel helpless, shaving your head would give you a renewed look and confidence. The worries you got from thinning hair will be all gone because you don't have to care anymore.

Benefits of Shaving Your Head

1. Hides Receding Hairlines​

Men go through this very often. There's no way to cover this hairline.

By shaving your head, it is less likely that one can spot a receding hairline. There are countless times when people ask why a bald person shaves.

But isn't the answer obvious?

Most of the time, it is due to hair loss. And by them questioning, it is certain that they didn't notice the 'M' shape.

2. Exudes More Confidence

Embracing your dome by showcasing it is a sign of confidence - you are not afraid to show who you are. Confidence does not come from your appearance but how you portray yourself. Have you come across someone who isn't that attractive but have a magnetic personality? Being bald downplays on your weakness (losing hair) and fortifies your strength which should come from your character.

3. Natural Ice-Breaker

There sure is something that others can start a conversation with your bald head. Be it asking you the reason for shaving, wanting to touch your head, generally commenting on it, so there will never be an awkward moment during conversations. Lots of people would ask to rub your head to feel how it's like. There are also superstitions that rubbing a bald person's head brings about good luck too.

4. Lesser Grooming Products

You can throw away the hair sprays, styling products, hair dryers, etc. They are useless with your new look. What you need after your shave would just be the bare essentials.

5. No Concern About Your Looks

Your facial looks are now simple and standard. You need not care about how your hair looks like when the wind blows, how you wake up in the morning or bad hair days. It just stays the same. That look doesn't change. It allows you to concentrate on other aspects of life that matter more.

6. Attention-Grabbing and Unique

People tend to remember you better instead. You are the easiest one to spot in a crowded place. They can instantly conjure a picture of you in their minds.

7. Fast Showers

When your hair is shaved, showers can never be faster. The time spent in the shower are just on cleansing the scalp, washing the face and body. That's it. Fast in Fast out. Even after your shower, your 'hair' can be instantly dried with a towel, and you can even go straight to bed after.

8. Join the Bald Famous People Club

Here are some of the well-known bald people that you can be associated with:

  • Vin Diesel
  • Pit Bull
  • Jason Statham
  • Bruce Willis
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
  • Michael Jordon
  • Andre Agassi
shaving bald head

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Shaver

Finding the best way to shave your head is easy when you narrow your requirements and needs down using these factors. Everyone have different shaving needs, and all these factors will allow you to determine which method best suits you.


For hair clippers and electric razors, they are indeed pricier, but you don't necessarily need anything else. Cartridge razors are the cheapest option, but you would still need to replace these cartridges regularly, and that can amount to quite a lot in the long haul.

Frequency of Shave

How often do you want to shave? If you're not going to shave often, then a hair clipper would be useful.

Why? It can have different settings for different lengths of hair, so if you leave your hair unshaven for a week or more, it can still cut well with a simple change of settings.

This is unlike razors, be it electric or not.

For razors, there's only 1 setting and that setting is usually just for stubbles. So what most people do is to use a hair clipper to trim the hair to a very short length, and then shave it further with razors.

Speed of Method

How much time do you want to set aside for shaving? Hair clippers and electric razors can get the job done fast. However, once you learned how to master manual shaving, it can be as quick as its electrical counterparts.

Closeness of Shave

Hair clippers rarely have the closest shaves. Its outcome tends to leave only a stubble on your head. The electric and manual shavers will give you the clean, bald look. Take note: the closer the shave, the more your skin can be irritated. So there's pros and cons to which method you choose.

Access to Electricity in the Shower

For convenience, most people would prefer to shave in the shower. Thus, access to electricity should be available. Clippers require a power outlet so if you intend to use one, ensure that it's near your bathroom. Most electric razors are cordless but can be rechargeable so it would be great to have a power socket nearby.

Ease of the Shave

Electric shavers are the easiest to use. They don't require wetting the face, shaving creams or lotions to get the job done. If simple is what you want, then that's the best way to go. You should also decide on whether you want a wet or dry shave. Wet shaves give closer cuts than dry ones.


Modern day shaving technology has advanced from just a straight razor to include gadgets with cool sounding features.

Among the 3 types of shavers, the electric razor has the most advanced technologies. These improve the shaving experience that you get, but it could also just be marketing gimmicks. But one thing is for sure. Higher quality razors tend to outperform the rest.

bald head

Best Hair Clippers for Bald Heads

Balding clippers are designed to get the job done efficiently and fast. As the shave you get would not be the closest, there is usually little irritation to the scalp. And because it would not be a close shave, there's a winning stubble to be left. The stubble is usually equivalent to a one day's growth of a razor shaved dome. The clippers could also be used as trimmers to get your hair short enough for a closer shave with razors.

If you're looking for the closest shave from a hair clipper, look for those with blades at #00000 setting. There's also a #000000 blade, but it is less common.

1. Oster Classic 76

oster classic 76 reviews

The Oster Classic 76 is the top of the line in the battle of clippers. And of course, it comes with a heavier price tag.

With heavy-duty in mind, the tool is designed to last years, even decades. At a weight of around 2 pounds, it offers a sturdy and professional feel to it. Its first impression is that it's built to deliver.

This clipper with detachable blades comes with size [1] and [000] blades to suit how you short you want your hair length to be. For users planning to get the closest shave, you would need to purchase a separate blade. Oster provides blades up to [00000] for a real close shave.

Maintenance of the clipper ensures the longevity of the product. You should regularly use the oil that comes with the package so that it maintains the highest performance and efficiency.

Some shortcomings of the product are that device can get warm with prolonged use but not too hot that it hurts.

Another feedback is that it can be too big. Usually, these reviews come from users who are females with smaller hands. So if you're letting your partner buzz your hair, then this would be an additional consideration.

2. Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper

wahl balding clippers reviews

The one hair clipper that most head shavers swear by.

Although it's corded, the benefits it provides far surpasses its downsides. The clipper provides a very close shave equivalent to a "one to two days' growth after a full razor shave."

The machine comes with a powerful V5000 motor which warms up easily but doesn't overheat.

At the same time, the blades are surgically sharp to provide an easy shave. To avoid nicks and cuts, you should position it flat to the surface of your scalp and not at an angle. Also, you don't need to apply pressure to get a closer shave, just glide it along.

Most users don't switch to another clipper as this can last for years.

Compared to the general hair clippers, this only comes with 1 setting and does not have a detachable blade. It also comes with 2 cutting guides at 1/16 and 3/16 if you wish for longer cuts. But if your intention is to get a closer shave, you wouldn't need them.

3. Andis T-Outliner

andis t-outliner trimmer reviews

Like the Wahl Balding Clippers, the T-outliner has blades that are not detachable, so there's only 1 setting. However, there are some very minor adjustments you can make internally. It can be quite technical to change them, so most users stick to the default setting.

As with most of the clippers, it won't shave as clean as a razor. As a result, the appearance is around 1-2 days of hair growth. This is a very simple hair clipper that is an alternative to the Wahl clippers. You wouldn't need anything else to go along with it.

Best Electric Razors for Head Shaving

Electric razors are designed to have an even closer cut compared to hair clippers. They are lighter and smaller in size. They do come with various technologies that improve the shaving experience and as a result, are at a higher price point.

1. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S/ES-LV95-S Electric Razor

panasonic arc 5 es-lv65-s reviews

The LV95 is the LV65 with a charging station.

This is top of the line of all foil shavers and the price perfectly reflects that.

The Arc5 features 5 ultra thin nanotech blades placed at 30° to provide extreme efficiency. The sensors detect the density of hair and adjust the power output automatically. With thicker hair, a higher power is produced. This will ensure an even shave throughout.

You have the option to choose between a wet and dry shave. So when time does not permit, just do it dry. An important thing to note is that it is 100% waterproof and not water-resistant, so you need not worry if water gets into it.

At 14,000 cycles per minute, the shaver cuts much faster than any other razor. With cleaner and faster shaves, one could wonder about how much noise its powerful motor makes. The LV65 is surprisingly quiet.

Most users have commented that the cutter cuts closer than older models of Panasonic.

A single charge of the LV65 lasts a whole 2 weeks with daily use.

2. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

skull shaver bald eagle smart reviews

If you do a quick check online finding the best electric shavers, the Skull Shaver is always included as one of the top-rated head shavers around. It doesn't come as a coincidence. There are many benefits it offers to users who plan to shave bald.

The Skull Shaver isn't like most electric razors. Its patented design is specifically intended for bald heads. This allows extra reach to difficult areas like the behind of ears and the back of your head.

The 5 rotary cutters allow a smooth and fast cut around the curves of the head. You can glide Skull Shaver with different motions and not just in a linear way.

A full charge requires only 2.5 hours and can be used for 90 minutes after a charge so you need not charge it frequently.

You can use it for a wet or dry shave, but the company recommends not using a shaving gel as it may clog. One important thing to note is that the body of the shaver should not come in contact with water as it's not waterproof. So to clean the blades, you should rinse the head with water while having it switched on and ensure that the water does not get on the body.

With wear and tear, you can also easily buy the replacement heads.

3. Wahl 5 Star Shaver

wahl professional 5 star shaver reviews

The 5 Star Shaver is a cordless alternative to any wired options. The shaver is rechargeable and comes with a charging stand. No wire tangles will improve maneuverability.

It's designed to cut close like a razor without the razor bumps.

At a 5.8 oz, the compact design is extremely easy to handle and light enough that your hands won't get tired using the machine. Moreover, you can reach tough spots on your head without any troubles.

The hypoallergenic foil on the head of the shaver creates a razor bump-free experience with its use.

One of the downsides is that the head does wear out with use. And the good news is that you don't have to buy another new unit. You can simply purchase the head at a fraction of the cost as it can be separated and easily replaced.

Do note that this works best when your hair is already trimmed and would just want a closer shave. It doesn't work well when your hair is thick, so you need to trim it down first.

Best Manual Razors for Shaving Head

Among all options to shave your head, manual razors can offer the cleanest look, depending on the way you shave. Against the grain or with the grain, you decide. For beginners, you should start with shaving with the grain as it causes less irritation to your scalp.

1. Headblade ATX All Terrain

headblade atx all terrain razor reviews

This 'toy' offers playful fun while shaving your head. If you were to take away the blades and equip it with wheels, it could very well be a competitor to Hot Wheels. Nonetheless, the unique design outperforms traditional manual razors while having a fun, easy and fast experience. Like the Skull Shaver, it is designed specifically for your head.

Its soft rubber grip for your fingers offers comfort and enough traction for you to glide the HeadBlade through your head without much effort.

2. Gillette Fusion / Mach 3

gillette fusion razor reviews

"The Best A Man Can Get"

These manual razors can be used on your face and head. These are the classics of manual cartridge shaving.

The Mach 3 was first introduced in 1998. From its name, it comes with 3 sharp blades that smoothly cuts your hair. There's also 5 microfins that follow the contours of your head shape allowing a smooth shave.

Most of the time, we wouldn't know or keep track of when we should change the cartridge razors, and that's when the lubrication strip comes in. When it turns white, it means you need to replace the cartridge.

We compare this with the Gillette Fusion, which was first launched in 2006. Over the years, there were changes to the product, but the foundation of it remains the same. We prefer the old one as it offers no frills. We don't see a difference in the newer models as more than marketing gimmicks.

The Fusion comes with 5 blades instead of the 3 that the Mach 3 offers. What does this mean? When you're shaving your head, each stroke will be efficient. You don't need a second or third pass. Moreover, you shouldn't even do multiple passes as it irritates your skin.

Also, you don't have to apply pressure when you're shaving, just gently glide it over your scalp. Applying more pressure doesn't necessarily mean a closer shave and it can also cause more razor burns. Let the razors do their jobs.

Both are great shavers, but which is the better one? It depends on you. If you find yourself having more razor burns, bumps or irritation with the Fusion, it may mean that the 5 blades could prove to be too much. You may want to consider using the Mach 3 instead.

Some users have commented that the Fusion's blades are spaced too closely that it can't cut properly and that it would always be full of hair. One solution to this is to dip it in water after every pass or get the Mach 3 as the blades are spaced out more so it wouldn't clog so quickly.

We all have different skin types. So what we suggest is this: Get the Fusion first and try it out. If it doesn't work out well, the Mach 3 should do the trick.

Don't forget to buy extra cartridges too.

3. Merkur 34C HD

merkur 34c razor reviews

The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty is a safety razor. It can also be called a double edge razor.

Head shavers regard it as the best safety razor for bald heads, and the model is extremely popular in the Merkur Line.

The short, thick and heavy handle enables you to reach tricky spots. The 34C heavy duty feel of the weight allows you to glide over the scalp incredibly easy.

The problem with beginners using light razors like the cartridge ones is that they tend to apply excess pressure to try to achieve a closer shave. This will cause irritation easily. With the 34C, you need not apply pressure, and just gently tug it.

Compared to multiple blades that are with cartridge razors, the DE razor only has a single blade when you glide it over. This means that you may need several passes to achieve that clean look.

The replacement blades are cheap. For 100 counts of Personna blades, it only costs around $12. One can usually use 1 blade for 3 shaves. So this will last you 300 shaves. Therefore, each shave only costs $0.04. As compared to cartridge razors, the replacement blades cost $2.83 and only lasts less than a month.

On a technical side, the 34C is a mild double edge razor. What does it mean? If you have sensitive skin and are prone to cuts, this is well-suited to you. Cuts and nicks on your head will look bad. Moreover, razor burns, bumps, and irritation are unsightly as well.

Therefore, mild razors are recommended for the head instead of the aggressive ones even though you may need to have more passes. There's a greater margin of error with the 34C.

One downside is that the learning curve to use a safety razor is longer than cartridge razors. But it becomes natural after several uses.

Accessories That You Need

Shaving Cream/Gel/Foam

Before you start shaving your head, you need to get it prepped. If you're using a clipper, then there's nothing else that you would need. For electric razors, it depends on whether you want a wet or dry shave. When you choose wet shaving with electric or manual razors, then you should get your head prepped. The creams enable the hairs to get moist and soft for an easier cut and to soothe the skin. Not doing so would cause even more irritation. For a closer shave, this will be needed.


For bald guys, you may not need shampoo anymore. However, you should always treat your scalp as part of your facial skin. Soaps can contain harsh ingredients for the scalp so you should find something which acts as a cleanser that can be used for the face as well.


After shaving, there may be micro nicks and cuts that you may not notice. You wouldn't want this to manifest into infections. One recommendation would be witch hazel.

After Shave Balm

As your hair styling needs decrease, your skin care needs increase too. The purpose of the aftershave is to close up your pores so that any bacteria won't be able to get through. Aftershave is an essential item.


Your scalp is now 100% exposed to the sun. If you still don't know about the effects of what direct sunlight can do to your skin, you should do a quick search. Applying some form of sunscreen ensures that your scalp will not get sunburnt and at the same time reduces the risk of skin cancers.

Personal Experience with Shaving Due to Hair Loss

I started balding at a very young age of 18. This seems to be the common occurrence nowadays. I've tried different methods of growing my hair back using Minoxidil and Propecia. In the end, I succumbed to shaving my head not because the treatments are not working, but I chose to be free from any worries from hair loss. The decision to shave was not an easy task. I had to find the best ways to shave. Even so, to pull the trigger was daunting. But really, there wasn't any 'best' way to shave. You just need to shave your hair - that's it.

So on to the barber I went. I chose the barber for my first shave because I had short-mid length hair and it has to be trimmed. Hesitation was heavy, but I pushed on. To be honest, I felt like I've lost a huge part of me. Hair is an important feature and being bald meant that look stays throughout my life. What would the future bring? Thoughts like these were normal.

My family and friends were pretty shocked. They asked why I shaved. And till now, after many years, people still do ask me that question. The reason I always give is that it was because I was losing hair - simple as that. You don't need to hide anything. People still insisted that I shouldn't have shaved, but they don't know what goes in the mind of an individual who suffers from MPB.

The first few weeks and months were tough for me. I felt unconfident of how I look and always wear a cap around. I constantly thought of what people might think of me. I don't see myself in the mirror so that I won't have any negative thoughts.

Fast forward to now. I feel extremely confident with myself. I don't even need to care about how I look or what others think about me. There's no need for bad hair days, how best to style my hair, keeping track of which hair loss treatments work, etc.

Do you know how much worry you can eliminate when hair is out of the picture? A lot. It forces you to focus on other aspects of life. Sure, part of your appearance is gone. But you should not be limited by it. Confidence is how you portray yourself. It's your self-image. It's something you can control. Do you care too much about what people think of you? You shouldn't. The only thoughts you need to care are the thoughts you have about yourself. So, that's why I never regretted shaving my head.

Tommy Jones 

What are your thoughts? Are you thinking of shaving your head? Have you already tried all available treatments for hair loss?​

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