The 6 Best Hair Growth Products For Men That Bring Back Confidence

Every year new products are made in the hair-loss industry, and every year, thousands, if not millions of men begin to show signs of balding. Maybe your friends, spouse, and your kids have noticed too, and like so many, it is likely starting to affect your confidence too.

New to the fight against hair loss, or if you're a veteran looking for a new hair treatment, this list is for you.

Now that we are in 2016, here are some of the best products, treatments, and remedies for hair loss and hair growth. The following 6 items are some of the top treatments, although they aren't in any particular order.


1. iGrow

igrow reviews

iGrow is a laser helmet, not exactly easy on the eyes, but you aren't going to be wearing it in public so that shouldn't be a concern.

You can perform the treatment at home in just under 30 minutes. iGrow uses a system called Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to promote hair growth and health which features LED and/or lasers for the light energy.

The lasers will stimulate growth in the hair follicles, while the LED helps it to cover a larger area of the scalp.

While even iGrow still claims that the exact reason their product works isn't clear, the research shows positive results across the board.

With the correct wavelength from the lasers and LED, the scalp is penetrable for the treatment. These wavelengths will reactivate the cells inside your follicles, promoting hair growth.

In fact, iGrow was given the prestigious award for Best Overall Experimental and Translational Research Award in 2013 by the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference. 

A study was performed using the iGrow technology with 41 male participants, age 18-48, and the trialists not using a placebo, were treated at home every other day for a total of 60 treatments, each treatment lasting about 25 minutes. The trial showed just over an average of a 35% increase in hair growth.

The downsides to iGrow are small as none of the current results over the past 3-4 years show any adverse effects.

However, iGrow needs working follicles to work. If you've gone completely bald in an area, it won't grow anything back there. Besides that, the cost is steep, and for some might be better as a last resort unless they have the money on hand.

2. Skull Shaver

skull shaver bald eagle smart reviews

Sometimes rather than fighting the baldness, especially in advanced cases, it's better to go on the offensive rather than the defensive.

If you're going to do it right, then you need the right shaving tool for the job. Balding isn't a look that is easy to pull off for anyone and can negatively affect your confidence.

Being bald, though, is a look that many popular actors and men pull off, it's possible you look better bald than you ever did with hair - Can you imagine Vin Diesel with hair?

When it comes down to it, Bald Eagle Smart's skull shaver is one of our favorites if you choose to go this route. Any online search for electric shavers intended for use on the scalp will turn out results for the Skull Shaver, and customer reviews give it one of the most positive ratings you will find for any electric shaver.

Unlike other electric shavers on the market, the Skull Shaver is designed specifically for a bald head. The Skull Shaver has 5 different rotary blades which can better follow the curvature of the head and this maneuverability has better reach than standard models. You'll find fewer missed spots and are less likely to nick yourself as well.

It charges quickly, taking only about 2 and a half hours for a full charge, and has a 90-minute battery life. As such, it doesn't require frequent charging, and one charge allows for several shaves.

The Skull Shaver is useful for either wet or dry shaves, but don't use gels, you can clog the motor. You can't use it in the shower since it's not waterproof, but the blades are designed to be rinsed and cleaned with water.

Deciding to shave it all off is an anxiety for anyone, you may feel like you are losing a part of yourself, but in time, the confidence will return. If that's your tactic, you can't go wrong with the Skull Shaver.

3. Rogaine Foam

rogaine for men foam reviews

When talking about hair loss and its prevention, likely one of the first things to come to mind is Rogaine.

At its most basic, Rogaine is a minoxidil product, Rogaine being one of its primary producers.

One of the oldest (history-wise) products on the market, Rogaine has a substantial list of positive clinical studies. It is perhaps the most widely used product for hair loss, and the name is becoming synonymous with hair loss at this point.

Doctors first used Minoxidil as a blood pressure medication, but as a side effect, studies noticed increased hair growth. Over time, specific studies showed that this new medication promoted hair growth and health. By 1988, it was already FDA approved, and the name Rogaine was coined.

Rogaine makes a few different types of products, for both men and women.

When it comes to men, we prefer the use of the foam over the liquid. The foam is more easily applied than the liquid. It is much like putting mousse into your hair- you apply it, and then massage it in, making sure to reach all the way down to your scalp. The foam also dries much more quickly than the liquid.

If you are heading out after the application, which as it's suggested to be applied twice a day, is a likely scenario, then the foam will have you out the door much more quickly. The foam also has fewer side effects.

Recent studies show that Rogaine foam users experience an average of 45% increased growth and no systemic effects. Most side effects are minor, such as scalp irritation and itchiness, most of those are even less common when using the foam.

Rogaine may have been a pioneer, but it's evolved with time, and still stands as an effective answer to hair loss.

4. Nioxin Shampoo

One of the good early signs when looking into Nioxin is its developer.

Nioxin was developed by Proctor and Gamble, one of the most respected names in the business world, and was introduced in 1987. Since then the product's scope, options, and the brand has grown significantly.

Nioxin now has six different systems on the market for hair loss. Some feature single-product shampoos, others feature conditioners and scalp treatments, and then there is Nioxin's most popular 3-step system.

Whatever your situation might be, Nioxin has a system suited to it. They have a veritable army of scalp treatments, shampoos, and conditioners now. The various products extract sebum along with other dirt and debris from your hair follicles so that growth is easier to promote.

Nioxin shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments form an army of defenses that work together to remove barriers prohibiting hair growth.

Excess sebum, dirt, and debris are extracted from follicles so they're left clean and clog-resistant so new hair growth is easier to sustain.

Nioxin even boasts an ingredient in some products that prevents your testosterone from converting into DHT, the primary cause of hair loss for men, making it an ideal long-term solution.

A big part of using Nioxin is finding out which of their systems is best for you. Needless to say, they cover almost any situation, but for more info on it, this article can help. Like the minoxidil in Rogaine, side effects are minor, mostly limited to itching and dry scalps, although allergic reactions are also possible.

5. Biotin Pills

sports research biotin reviews

One of the newer options available is the new Biotin vitamin. So far, it's been shown and touted to promote hair and nail growth, and its main ingredient is known for it.

Biotin is a great option for those who don't want lengthy or invasive helmets or topical applications. This daily vitamin can still achieve effective results for promoting healthier hair.

Biotin is in the family of B-7 vitamins. Vitamin B-7 is a vital supplement for your body, and it is crucial to your metabolism.

Biotin affects your adrenal glands, which are responsible for your hormones. Biotin helps facilitate healthy hormone and enzyme levels that promote new cell growth.

Effectively, Vitamin B-7 is otherwise known by some as the vitamin for skin, hair, and nails. In some cases, albeit rarely, biotin deficiency can be the cause of hair loss in the first place

As a foundationally necessary vitamin, biotin is found in some nutritional supplements as well as in a lot of the food we eat. For example, carrots are rich in biotin, greek yogurt, spinach, and cold water fish are all big providers for biotin naturally. Biotin is also a common ingredient in many shampoos and conditioners because it promotes all things hair related, from growth to luster.

As it is water soluble, any excess biotin in the body is flushed out, and side effects are minor and unlikely. More studies are underway, and current research isn't totally clear when it comes to biotin, but most users report some amount of hair growth within 60 days, and some, after an annual regimen, report exceptional results.

If a more natural and less invasive option is what you're looking for, then biotin is likely the way to go. To learn more about it and whether it's the right fit for you, check out our article on it here.

6. Caboki 

Caboki reviews

The new trend in hair loss is the hair building fibers like Caboki, our personal favorite of that group.

Caboki is a concealer, and it doesn't truly help your hair grow. It isn't like a can of spray-paint though, Caboki uses hair building fibers to cast the appearance of more healthy natural hair growth.

If your intent is to cover up balding areas rather than try to spur new growth, Caboki fits the bill. This product was created by professional makeup artists, and was originally intended for client/Hollywood use, but has now been released for public use as well.

Caboki is a less invasive product than many of the others on this list. It's made of 100% natural ingredients and doesn't require any medication. Its main ingredient comes from the Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum plant which has properties similar to human hair, causing it to look like hair.

When applied, it's not impossible for someone to be able to tell that you're using it and that it isn't your natural hair. The dyes in it are also made of natural mineral bases such as iron oxide. All of this together makes it ideal for extra-sensitive scalps that react with other topical treatments.

Most tests show that it is surprisingly durable as well, able to hold up in wind and rain, as well as during most exercise, (although it may not survive your judo class).

The durability is important because no one wants to have their hair magically disappear at a major work meeting or on a date. It's designed for use by men, and while it's becoming more accessible, it's not overly affordable- this will be one of the more expensive options you consider.

Caboki comes in a large variety of colors and tends to blend, matching your hair color as it goes. There aren't known side effects, however, it is worth noting that you should avoid letting it get on your face when applying it. If you inhale too much of it, complications may arise. You can apply it daily if you want to. When you're done for the day, just wash it out in the shower with shampoo.

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