The 9 Best Essential Oils For Hair Regrowth in 2017

Hair and its loss of it are both large factors for a person's confidence in social settings.

It is no surprise then, that in the face of many proven products having varied results, and the extensive use of experimental and unproven chemicals, that many people are turning to nature when it comes to their hair loss solution.

Some of nature's best solutions come in the form of essential oils, and the following are the 9 best essential oils to improve your hair situation,


best essential oils for hair growth
wild growth hair oil reviews

The main 3 ingredients are jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, and is a combination of natural oils which you can apply to any hair type.

Besides promoting hair growth, it can also be used to add body, shine, and relax your hair. 

The company that produces it has been around since 1985, and they boast a loyal following of long-term customers.

Just a few drops are sufficient per use, making it efficient in how long it takes to apply and how much you need to keep on hand. As it also works as a conditioner and detangler, you can often save money on other products when using this.

This is clearly one of the best natural options on the market, combining several other effective oils into one, but some users complain about the pungent smell when applied.

While it may be unpleasant when you first apply it, you can avoid awkward situations by only using it when you know you won't be leaving home for a few hours so the scent can dissipate first.

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castor oil for hair

Castor Oil comes in two varieties, the ‘regular' and the Jamaican black, and they differ mostly in how they are extracted and produced.

Castor Oil is known for a wide variety of benefits.

Your grandparents may be one of the many that use it for everything, but one of the areas in which it truly shines is in making your hair shine.

Castor oil is full of Vitamin E and packed with antioxidants that prevent hair loss and heal hair follicles. It also features properties that fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses which help prevent infections that prevent hair growth on your scalp.

Allergic reactions and side effects are uncommon but possible.

Even if it doesn't work for your hair, it's a variable product that will likely be able to help you in another way, so your purchase won't ever feel wasted.

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best jojoba oil

Jojoba oil, rather than being an actual oil, is more accurately a wax made from the seeds of the jojoba plant.

It is yet another popular product for healthy skin and can help prevent acne, but what many don't know is that it's also an excellent product for your hair as well.

It's rich in Vitamin E, and can reinforce your hair where it is already damaged, and promote hair growth where you've already lost it.

One of the best reasons to use jojoba oil on your hair is that in its makeup, it is very similar to human sebum, the oil naturally produced by your glands underneath your skin. Your hair releases sebum to keep you hydrated, but excess sebum can block your hair follicles from producing growth.

Jojoba oil can dissolve this excess, clear debris and reopen blocked follicles while providing the benefits the correct amount of sebum should leading to hair growth.

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rosemary oil for hair growth

This essential oil is garnered from the rosemary plant when it is flowering, and the scent, while roughly the same as what is often used in cooking, is much stronger.

The primary active ingredient is Rosmarinic acid. This acid is a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial agent, which can help alleviate and prevent infections of the scalp, and promote healing.

It is also far cheaper than many other pharmaceutical methods, and scientific studies have been shown it promotes hair growth, and many suggest it similarly effective.

When compared to many of the other essential oils you can try, although the scent is strong, it is pleasant, which for many is a factor that cannot be overlooked.

Besides preventing hair loss, rosemary oil is effective for relieving tension and lowering stress levels.

When used in combination with olive oil, it can darken and strengthen your hair in addition to promoting growth, all of which make it a common ingredient in shampoos and lotions.

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argan oil for hair

Sometimes referred to as liquid gold, because of its effectiveness, not its price, argan oil is a good choice when looking for a natural rebuttal for hair loss.

Argan oil is made from the seeds of the argan tree in Morocco and is known for its laundry list of hair benefits.

Among these, it promotes growth at a cellular level, prevents loss through nutrients and fatty acids, helps make difficult hair more pliable, prevents damage from heat and ultraviolet rays and can restore the shine of youthful hair.

It is a moderately easy to find argan oil products, and like many of the other products on this list, it is also rich in Vitamin E which adds long-lasting protection to the mix of its extensive uses for your hair.

This ‘liquid gold' might be your miracle oil if you're willing to try it, and both men and women report its effectiveness in their hair loss treatments.

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coconut oil for hair growth

Another encouraging and natural option for combatting hair loss is coconut oil.

It's made from the meat of the coconut and has become a highly popular item recently used in everything from cooking to tanning.

When it comes to hair loss, coconut oil is effective at passing through the surface of your skin on your scalp and reaching deep into your follicles where its natural antioxidants and nutrients can do the best.

One important study showed that out of three other oils tested for hair, coconut oil was the only oil to reduce the protein lost in your hair, both in pre-wash and post-wash use.

Frequent use of Coconut oil can also work as a conditioner and dandruff treatment while repairing damage and promoting growth.

It's current popularity and cheaper production also make it one of the most cost-effective per ounce options available to you right now.

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tea tree oil for hair

As the name heavily implies, and following the trend of other essential oils, this oil is obtained from the tea tree.

Tea tree oil helps you avoid chemical treatments that can cause your body or your hair more harm than it helps.

Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic which helps clean out dandruff and bacteria that can cause hair loss and weaken your hair.

There aren't much in the way of side effects.

However, overuse of tea tree oil can irritate your skin, although allergic reactions are also possible.

It also helps moisturize the skin when applied and promotes healthier hair. 

If you're looking for a natural option and have suffered from dandruff in the past, tea tree oil is an excellent choice for you, it is low on side effects, and the aroma can be more pleasant than some other essential oils.

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emu oil for hair growth

This may be one of the most odd-sounding choices, but don't underestimate its potential.

Unlike the other essential oils on this list which are procured from plants and fruits, emu oil is produced from the flightless emu birds.

The oil comes from a fatty area located on the emu's back and is a natural stimulant for hair growth.

Emu oil has even shown a remarkable aptitude for re-growing hair lost in the front of the scalp, although not for every user.

The lack of phosphorous makes it easier to absorb into your skin and lets it get deeper into your roots.

Studies have shown that in addition to growth, users' hair has, as a result, become stronger and healthier.

The name alone leads to some skepticism, but its usefulness for hair loss prevention and regrowth is hard to discard or discredit.

Make sure you get it from an accredited buyer, but don't overlook it.

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peppermint oil for hair growth

Peppermint oil is a combination of water mint and spearmint.

It's hair benefits being more of a recent discovery.

It works in a unique way compared to other oils on this list.

Peppermint oil is an effective treatment for many of the causes for decreased hair growth.

It clears away yeast and inflammations, and can also help balance pH levels and get rid of lice.

Studies have shown peppermint oil to be one of the most useful products for hair growth, testing higher than saline and minoxidil both. It not only encourages the growth of active follicles but also helps awaken dormant follicles in areas not producing hair.

This is yet another oil with a much more pleasant scent than others on this list, providing you with a refreshed feeling in its application, and although it's new to the list of hair loss treatments, it should be one of the first you consider.

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Going the natural route is always a smart choice, most of these products don't list many adverse side effects, rather most find a way to benefit you in another way even if it doesn't prove useful for you in your hair treatments.

It is important to remember, however, as when starting any new treatment, to consult a physician if you notice any adverse changes or possible allergic reactions.

You can also learn more about the causes of hair loss and other effective solutions to combat it.

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