Just Natural Bald Spot Treatment Reviews

A young, blonde woman looking at her comb and worrying about balding

This is an extremely well-reviewed hair loss treatment specifically for bald spots on your head. The folks at Just Naturals/Just Nutritive (same company, different names!) make some pretty incredible products from all natural ingredients, with no parabens, sulfates, or artificial colors/fragrances/stabilizers or other chemical crapola. I’m a huge fan of all of their products that … Read more

HairMax LaserComb Review

Laser beams

The Ultima 12 LaserComb by HairMax is a premier, handheld cold laser device. It is their top-tier comb with the most features. This technology is FDA-cleared to treat hair loss for both men and women. It is engineered for speed, effectiveness, comfort and ease of use. Through photobiostimulation, the Ultima 12 stimulates hair follicles at a … Read more

Hair Follicle Stimulator by TherapyG: Review

A woman applying a spray tonic to her hair

Follicle Stimulator by TherapyG is a product specifically designed to revitalize the health of individual follicles. It contains a special patented ingredient they call the “Tryptobond Guard”, which increases hair’s mechanical strength, increases combability (less tangling and less breakage), and protects against color changes. Who is Therapy-G? TherapyG is a specialized hair loss product developer that … Read more