​The most 'scientifically advanced' hair loss product range in the world...

​The Grogenix​ product range has been formulated just for people who want a natural way to get the healthiest, strongest hair possible, with no excuses.

Scalp Elixir

  • Natural extracts block DHT on the scalp directly
  • Helps to clean & unblock the scalp pores
  • Provides nutrients & minerals to the hair follicles
  • Stimulates blood flow in the dermal layer
  • Easy to rinse in and rinse out during a shower
  • 100% Natural extracts only - No chemicals

Caffeine Shampoo

  • Ingredients shown to support strong, healthy hair 
  • Promotes natural scalp pH balance for itch-free skin
  • Caffeine and taurine are proactively fight help hair loss
  • Leaves hair feeling thick, clean and strong
  • Uses natural extracts to block DHT topically
  • 100% Natural extracts only - No chemicals

Essenti​als Supplement

  • Formulated to support healthy hair growth
  • Highly absorbent and concentrated
  • No fillers, 100% active ingredients
  • Two month supply - 1 capsule per day
  • Ingredients proven to support healthy hair

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